Waterford Launches Rebel Collection


A REBEL is someone who stands up for their own personal opinion despite what anyone else says. An INDIVIDUAL who refuses to follow the crowd even if it means becoming an outcast. Jo Sampson’s Rebel collection embodies a spirit of nonconformist cool. Using the iconic motif of the punk stud as the heart of its design, designer Jo Sampson chose the stark, geometry of this simple shape for its enduring outsider appeal. The punk stud injects a tough, streetwise vitality to the pieces, which contrasts with the refined craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Combining golden metal with crystal in shades of plum, amber, blush, pink and purple, the Rebel aesthetic mixes the rough with the smooth.

waterford_jewelry_collection_2 waterford_jewelry_collection_3 waterford_jewelry_collection_4

Jo Sampson boast a career in designing award-winning and globally recognized interiors for high profile clients such as Jamie Oliver, Wedgwood and Hermès and infamous nightclubs like The Cuckoo Club and Whisky Mist. These partnerships have given her the creative vision and breadth to design products which define a completely unique narrative, including a range of best-selling lifestyle and jewelry collections sold across the world including in China, the US, Japan, Taiwan and Australia in all major department stores, such as Macy’s, Harrods, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.Billy-a-Model-some-Glass




Rebel features barware ranging from $195-$695, rocker-worthy jewelry from $55-$150, crystal gifts priced at $100-$175, and metal gifts between $60-$150. No matter your budget there is a luxury gift for every holiday or special moment. Sampson’s collaboration embodies the creative vision of staying young and being rebellious!