Get Traveling. But First coffee…


For me, Autumn is all about traveling! Three years ago James and I took our first trip to Africa, last year we were in Australia and now we’re on a whole European tour. While in Africa, specifically Uganda we could not get a decent cup of coffee to save our lives (and I’m not snobby about much but lacking a good cup of java in the AM wrecks me). Once we moved on to Zanzibar, specifically to the Italian region we were saved by Lavazza. They had their coffee everywhere and it made our lives. Shortly after coming back from that trip I became a Lavazza ambassador (my enthusiasm for the brand did not go un-noticed by them over social media).lavazza_london_mayfair

Since then James and I try to always spot their logo on our travels and obviously have to buy a cup every time we do. Sydney was my favorite spotting at the Taronga Zoo — good coffee and koalas — it doesn’t get any better then that.

Spotted: Lavazza in Camden Town, London

For this years trip through Europe I had no doubt Lavazza would be everywhere. They are an Italian brand after all but none the less decided to try something different after having a major realization. James and I spend an insane amount money on coffee while traveling! So new travel tip: pack a small french press, good coffee and travel mug and you’ll be set! Not only does it guarantee good coffee but also will save you tons of money. Or rather it saved us tons since our trip started in London where everything was expensive. And I wish I thought of this when we were in Uganda since everything was cheap but the coffee was terrible. So win-win on the BYOC (bring your own coffee). I like darker roasts and tins for travel since there’s less chance of anything spilling, so we brought their Caffe Espresso flavor. It’s a 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America, full bodied with rich flavor that wakes me up without making me feel jittery and helps me start my day. It’s great for making espresso — I actually experimented with my first stovetop espresso maker while on this trip at a friends house! And also works great in the french press, we just plunge a lot slower and filter a little finer.


Our Lavazza Caffe Espresso tin lasted James and I three weeks through London and Paris. I know the stereotype is all about Paris in the springtime but there’s something so special about visiting in the fall. Much like New York the weather is still nice, and the air becomes crisp and the leaves begin to turn. I love walking the streets and exploring with a cup of coffee in hand to keep me warm and energized. By Berlin we ran out but fortunately the friends we were staying with were also Lavazza enthusiasts and actually introduced me to their Crema E Gusto flavor.

empty coffee
Game over: Coffee tin empty

Berlin is a super cool city (post coming soon!) with so much creativity. One of my favorite restaurants there, Cocolo Raman X-berg had coffee filters on their lights. You know you have a deep coffee love when you start taking design inspiration from filters!

coffee filter light DIY

I’m just that coffee obsessed enough to try it! But first coffee…

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Special thanks to Lavazza for sponsoring this post and caffeinating us!