Dr. Martens Takes a Buffalo Stance

patricia field dr. martens event

You know that song Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry? Me too. And I’ve listed to it a million times having no idea what a Buffalo Stance was — I just assumed it was some type of 90s dance move — when actually it’s a reference to a group of photographers, models, musicians, hair and makeup artists formed by stylist Ray Petri of whom Cherry was apart of.

Last week Patricia Field and I celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ray Petri’s iconic buffalo shot “Killer,” with Dr. Martens. The shoe brand joined forces with Jamie Morgan and Barry Kamen to create a contemporary interpretation of this pioneering style and hosted a film screening for the 3 minute short featured above.

Dr. Martens also announced the launch of a new book, Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self Expression that chronicles the cultural heritage of their boots and shoes and their ever-evolving relationship with youth tribes and counter culture.

dr. martens fall collectionWhile at the event Dr. Martens also showed off their fall collection. There are so many styles I’m fawning over and with my impending trip to London, this event had me super inspired. The shoes above are part of their Mark Wigen collaboration.