Skin Reboot with Clinique

clinique 3 step products

As some of you may remember I partnered with Clinique last month to visit their Macy’s Herald Square counter in NYC to get a custom consultation and indulged in their complimentary You-Time skin and beauty services (you can read all about the You-Time offerings HERE).

Being famous for their 3-Step Skin Care program, which is a three step regimen designed to balance the skin; it starts with the Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and then Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ or Gel customized by your skin type.

What made the 3-Step system so special is Clinique was the first dermatologist guided brand to create a system based on cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing and still holds today as one of the most effective systems.

Tip: To increase it’s effectiveness use a makeup remover before starting the first step. And use their Sonic Cleansing Brush when you cleanse with the Liquid Facial Soap for a more effective treatment and to help loosen the dead skin cells.

Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing review

You’re probably wondering why if 3-Step does it all Clinique has such a vast skin care offering. Here’s why: Most people don’t stick to a regimen or know their cleanser from their moisturizer. (Sad but true). Which is why so many of us have a story about our mother’s buying us 3-Step as our first skincare system. It’s the bare minimum everyone can do for healthy and balanced skin. That said, skincare has come a long way since the 3-Step was invented and you may have another routine that works for you. Or you’re more advanced in your skincare routine and have larger objectives, like in my case which is increase radiance and glow. I want my skin to shine bright like a diamond. So during my skincare consultation I was introduced to the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing and have been using the Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion, Turnaround Revitalizing Serum and Turnaround Revitalizing Daytime Moisturizer in that order.

There’s also the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil I add in when I feel like I need an extra boost. It can be used before the serum or with the moisturizer to amp up skin glow or after my routine to seal everything in. It’s lightweight and a dryer texture so it doesn’t leave my skin greasy and the only oil with salicylic acid which helps renew skin and exfoliate.

The Turnaround Lotion is the most hydrating lotion I’ve ever used. It’s oil and alcohol-free and makes skin super soft. The Revitalizing Serum is the powerhouse product of the collection. It exfoliates and gives skin an instant glow as well as helps healthy skin cells go to the surface. (You really need to stick to the regimen for a full month to see optimal results). The Daytime Moisturizer is great for summer. It’s super lightweight and comes in two shades “Rosy Glow” and “Golden Glow”. I’m trying the Rosy Glow which is very subtle and gives a really pretty pearlescent tint to the skin. It’s not glittery or tinted in the conventional sense so don’t expect any type of BB or tinted moisturizer type pigment. It just offers a very natural, pretty glow to the skin.

DON’T FORGET: SPF is a MUST everyday, however it’s especially important if you’re using products like this range that help exfoliate the skin.

I also added the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment into my regimen from their Smart collection, which is their multi-purpose product that works to repair what’s needed. It does everything from brighten, plump, firm and has a serum-like texture that soaks effortlessly around the eye area.

Since I’m also obsessed with face masks, their new all-star masks, the Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial, Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask and Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask are in my weekly rotation.

The Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial is amazing! And basically an at home facial in one. If you use the Sonic avoid it (or any type of cleansing brush) on the day of using this mask. It has a chemical exfoliation that helps loosen the dead skin cells when it sits on your skin (leave on for 5 minutes). Then you massage it off as you’re removing it which offers a physical exfoliation.

clinique charcoal and even better moisture mask

After any type of major exfoliation you should always re-hydrate skin with a moisture mask. Their Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask is staple in my bathroom (I’ve been using it since it launched months ago)! It’s watery and creamy and just soaks into skin to bring it back to life. Great for anyone who travels a lot or has dry skin — or really any skin type to help boost any dullness and bring it back to life.

There was a recent trend (you probably saw it on instagram) with using different masks based on areas of concern. I usually do one then the other but thought I’d give it a whirl with the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask which I focused on my t-zone since that’s where I get black head and enlarged pores. It’s a mattifying mask that absorbs the oils and environmental pollutants. The charcoal draws out all that debris and gunk in pores and this is a really great mask for anyone with oily skin. I double masked and put the moisture mask on the sides of my face where I’m more dehydrated. The trend is nice and all but I still followed up with the Moisture Mask on the areas I used the Pore Refining Mask once I took it off. (Like I said, I’m a firm believer when you open your pores and deep cleanse to refresh and seal with a moisture mask so dirt doesn’t go back in.)

Have you used any of the new Clinique products? Leave me a comment or tweet me @prettyconnected and let me know what you think!