Michael Hill and the Art of Stacking Rings

mark hill stacking rings

Confessions of a jewelry addict: I love stacking rings! As you’ve probably noticed I like to bring a strong ring game to the table (it’s kind of my thing). I recently discovered Michael Hill, or rather got to know the brand better and acquired some jewelry pieces. They offers the perfect assortment of high end, special occasion jewelry pieces (they have engagement rings people!) to more affordable sterling silver pieces including a variety of stacking rings from $25-$45 (with diamond and gold bands starting at $200). Literally something for everyone and perfect for someone like me that likes to mix their high end with more moderately priced jewelry and get creative.

michael hill geometric diamond ring
Michael Hill Geometric Diamond Ring

Arriving in pretty purple box with satin ribbon, you know something special is coming out (and presentation means so much when you’re getting jewelry). In my case I ordered a statement ring that’s very versatile and a variety of thin stacking rings to mix and match.

The statement piece, the Geometric Ring featuring 1/5 carat of round brilliant diamonds in sterling silver (originally $309, on sale for $199) was the most expensive, although very reasonably priced. I love this ring! It’s so unique and classic while still having some personality. I’ve seen a lot of pretty “x” shaped diamond or cubic zirconia rings rings around the same price and size but they have all been so uncomfortable to wear. This is a bigger ring but so much more comfortable (I disclaim I have long fingers though) and I love the shape! It’s so much more unique and it looks so cool on it’s own or mixed with an assortment of rings neighboring it.

mark_hill_rings_4With stacking rings the key is the have a variety of sizes if you like to wear thin rings on your finger tops and then mixed patters and thickness for the ones on your ring fingers. I’m wearing the following stacking rings (as seen on my ring finger above and below):

Michael Hill Sterling Silver Beaded Ridged Stack Rings, $35 (I’m wearing two like book ends!)

Michael Hill Sterling Silver Stack Ring, $25

Michael Hill Sterling Silver Patterned Ring, $45

Michael Hill Sterling Silver Rice Stack Ring, $35

michael hill jewelryFor a more sophisticated stack you should be able to fit 2-3 rings at minimum on your ring finger (in this case I was a able to fit 5!). You want them to be narrow or adjust the amount based on thickness otherwise it won’t feel comfortable. In the look above I added the Geometric Ring to my pointer finger for some added personality (although when I’m feeling more classic I just wear the stacking rings).

mark_hill_rings_2 mark_hill_rings_3Otherwise I have a lot of fun mixing and matching between both hands and fingers experimenting with different patterns. There is really an endless amount of fun looks to be achieved with these 6 rings. I do carry the box around for when I travel, go to the beach or gym so I have a place to store them while on the go.

mark_hill_8 mark_hill_9The fun part about owning a variety is waking up each morning and switching it up. Since they are all sterling silver it’s really easy to mix and match with my other jewelry pieces as well. They don’t turn my fingers any crazy colors. Some of my cheaper metal stalking rings in my jewelry box do so it’s been a nice change wearing rings that don’t turn my fingers green. I have been non-stop wearing them for the past month and they haven’t tarnished or been anything short of pristine, they still shine like they are brand new.

Micahel Hill Wedding Band with 1/15 Carat TW of Diamonds in 10kt White Gold

I’m also in love with several of their wedding bands that have almost an antique feel to them. I’m REALLY tempted to order this diamonds in 10k white gold band pictured above (it’s only $199!) and up my stacking game — but would it be weird to order myself a wedding band? I don’t think it’s so obvious. And it’s so prettttyyyyyy!