Bliss Launches at Kohl’s! See what made our shopping list

Bliss skincare at Kohl's

Calling all Bliss fans! You can now shop your favorite Bliss skincare products at select Kohl’s locations and! To help celebrate the launch I grabbed my sister over the weekend and we scooted (it’s so good to be back in NY and reunited with my Vespa!), and headed to the Rego Park shopping center. It’s the hidden gem in Queens filled with awesome department and discount stores that are never over crowded where you can find the best deals!

Bliss launches at Kohl's

While at Kohl’s I restocked some Bliss favorites as well as picked up some of their new launches from this year that I’ve been meaning to try.

Bliss skincare at Kohl's

I’m a huge fan of their Triple Oxygen line (the mask will literally change your life) and I’ve been hearing non-stop amazing things about their new Triple Oxygen Energizing Serum so that was first on my list.

Since it’s summer I tacked on their new fatgirlslim Hide & Glow Sleek Firming and Luminous Tinted Body Spray, and ‘Fuzz Off’ Foam Body Hair Removal Spray Foam (although the latter hasn’t been getting great reviews). What can I say, I’ve had terrible luck with body hair removers recently and I’m  trying everything.

The fatgirlslim Hide & Glow Sleek Firming and Luminous Tinted Body Spray I’m excited about since I can get lazy about adding a moisturizer post shower in the summer and sprays are much easier to commit to; especially if it’s adding some healthy color and hydrating my skin while combating cellulite (their fatgirlslim collection is infamous for it!). Many people get confused between a tinted body spray and self tanner — think tinted moisturizer vs foundation — it’s not going to give you that same level of coverage, but rather just help even things out and look natural, so don’t go in with that level of expectation.

The last new product that I had on my list was their Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil Cleanser. I’ve been on a huge double cleansing, oil kick for the past year! (I’ll have a whole story about it up soon). Long story short everyone should be double cleansing which just means you’re using two different face washes; one to remove makeup, dirt and whatever else the environment is throwing at you and then the second to deep cleanse and wash skin. Oils do an amazing job at melting makeup and this is the first gel-to-oil formula I’ve seen (and lets be honest some of you are weirded out by oils), so this could be the perfect compromise.

The last two products I picked up aren’t new but classic Bliss products that I was overdue for a re-stock! I’m desperately trying to get into a nightly hand and foot regimen and the their foot patrol aha exfoliating & softening cream is top notch! What can I say, it’s summer and I’m self conscious about my overly abused NYC feet. I like to exfoliate my feet with a scrub before bed and then finish with this foot cream on top. It contains 10% salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin and makes my feet so soft. The mentholated scent is relaxing and helps me unwind, and I instantly see and feel a difference after using this product.

Bliss also has excellent lip products, their Fabulips lip scrub is a staple in my bathroom. It’s a sugar scrub that exfoliates and conditions lips. I use a lot of matte liquid lipsticks and after a while the skin on my lips just gets flaky and needs a good scrubbing to release the soft, smooth lip layer I know is down there somewhere. And always appears after using Bliss Fabulips. The Fabulips ‘pout’-o-matic set includes the Fabulips lip scrub and the ‘Pout’-O-Matic lip exfoliating tool which just works the product into your lips that much better. It’s a bit decadent but incredibly relaxing and effective that it’s a welcomed tool to enhance the spa like experience at home.

I’m always taking skincare recommendations so if you have a favorite Bliss product, leave me a comment or tweet me @prettyconnected.

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{Disclaimer: Kohl’s sent me a gift card to shop my favorite products. Opinions and product selections are my own}