La Prairie Expands Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Eye Cream, EmulsionIt started with a dry oil and moisture-rich cream last February when La Prairie launched the first two products in their Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. These much celebrated products offered a brilliant way to help skin protect itself from premature aging and the extremes we encounter on a daily bases from changing climate, pollution, stress and travel. Formulated with the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex of which it derives it’s namesake, this concoction began in the Swiss Alps with the discover of two alpine plants, Purple Saxifrage, and Soldanella Alpina and one algae, Swiss Snow Algae with extraordinary abilities to withstand the elements and thrive in the harshest settings on earth. Some science later La Prairie formulated a complex that embodies the strength of the survivor plants and transfers it to skin to help protect against premature aging.

A year later they have added two more products to the collection: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream, which not only includes this Swiss Ice Crystal Complex but also another remarkable plant, Saponaria Pumila. The discovery of this plant adds a new level of performance to this products by enhancing the skin’s protective mechanisms that guard against damage.

The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is rich and creamy but still absorbs impeccably well into skin. It’s very hydrating and works to delay the first signs of aging and replenish youthful skin. (It also helps brighten dark circles). The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion is a great alternative to the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream for anyone that finds it too rich, or needs something lighter come summer time. The light-as-air formulation glides a rejuvenating veil over skin to still offer a hydrating moisturizer, just in a lightweight texture that still offers the age-defying skincare benefits which includes strong luminosity and more even-toned complexion as well as some added extracts and peptides and antioxidants including vitamins C and E to help plump the skin and support firmness.

Both products can be applied morning and night and are now available on La Prairie’s website as well retailers including Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s.