Flying to Australia with Qantas

quantas airlines

One of the best decisions we made when booking our trip to Australia was flying with Qantas. For starters, the iconic Australian airline lets you do a stop over for a few days (at no extra charge) and check two bags! (Plus they had some of the most affordable rates on the market). Each seat offers a personal entertainment screen with tons of new release films as well as television channels so the flight flew by.  I feel like we were fed every five minutes and the staff was so accommodating and friendly, it was a great way to start our trip.

Qantas_loungeOn the way back we flew out of Sydney and had the great fortune of being upgraded to business class; which if you have the means, I highly recommend given the 14 hour flight. With every upgraded ticket purchase you have access to their lounge which was the best airport lounge I’ve ever seen (and you know I’ve had my fair share of global visits to airport lounges). Spacious with an assortment of top magazines, complimentary computers for use (and of course free wi-fi if you brought your own).  A full bar with buffet spread of healthy lunch options. There was also a gelato station and coffee bar that was the cherry on top.

I also follow them on Instagram, @Qantas and am continuously impressed with the fun promotions they run and collaborations they do (ahem did you see the one about winning a non-speaking role on Modern Family?). When I hit up the John Galliano exhibit in Melbourne they were one of the prized sponsors. As they are for so many things in Australia. I was actually very inspired when I learned just how far their commitment to their community is (you can learn all about their contribution HERE).

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, I can not recommend flying with Qantas enough.