Happy New Years from Times Square!


Happy New Years my loves! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve! James and I spent the evening with COVERGIRL and Cosmopolitan Magazine in Times Square at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Time Square ball drop

In over a decade in NYC the closest I got to the ball drop is on my television screen. I could never understand the draw of waiting all day in the freezing cold (I mean what do you do if you need to pee?). And after last night all I can say is that I get it.

ball drop new york city

It’s for that perfect moment when the ball drops, the confetti goes up and suddenly you’re in a snow globe with a million of your closest friends with the intoxicating scent of joy in the air. Then there’s the musical performances, which included Taylor Swift, Idina Menzel, American Authors, O.A.R., Magic! and Florida Georgia Line — all of which are broadcasted on screens all over Times Square (in case you can’t see the stage) with stellar acoustics that resonates the streets.

covergirl new years party

As the official co-sponsor the 2015 Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, COVERGIRL and Cosmopolitan planned quite the celebration. I venture it’s like planning a wedding for an estimated one million guests in attendance and 1 billion-plus at home viewers.

new years hard rock cafe party

At the Hard Rock Cafe, the bottles of Moet were flowing and guests enjoyed a decadent New Years experience. With a private outdoor space gated off, guests could go in and out as many times as they’d like without the crowds. And after the ball dropped performers O.A.R and American Authors joined us inside and performed their top hits.

moet hard rock cafe

It was an incredibly special evening and a beautiful way to start the new year. A big thank you to COVERGIRL and Cosmo for making this all possible.

new years eve times square

Happy New Years everyone!!!