Gillette Launches Venus Swirl Razor and #UseYourAnd Campaign with Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough at the Giletthe Launch of Venus Swirl Razor

Earlier this month I attend the launch of the Gillette’s newest razor Venus Swirl. Surprise special guest for the event was Julianne Hough who introduced the razor as well as Venus’s new campaign #UseYourAnd which encourages removing one-dimensional labels that limit your potential.

I’m not sure what it has to do with the razor but I’m all about female empowerment, so check it out:

So back to the razor, which is actually really cool! What makes the Venus Swirl so special is the new addition of the FLEXIBALL technology. It offers an innovative way to achieve a 360 degree shave that extends beyond the classic up and down movement. With the FLEXIBALL you are now able to move in multiple directions to navigate all of those tricky areas. This is also Venus’ first razor to feature Gilette’s most advanced blade technology with five Contour blades.

Venus razor

I’m probably the worst shaver in the world, since I’m always rushing and it works so effortlessly with the curves of my body, I haven’t had one cutting incident — nothing but close shaves happening here.

Gilette Launch of Venus Swirl Razor

They also launched a line of shave gels, Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay, available in Violet Swirl, Sugarberry Bliss and Vanilla Cashmere. Infused with Olay moisturizers, which features 5x more moisturizers, they help protect your skin against moisture loss while shaving. They have also been reformulated to better stay put even under the shower to help you track where you shaved.