Cozying up to Fall with Lavazza Coffee


While it’s been a complete delight basking in warm weather this past month in Australia, there’s something super strange about hearing Christmas music while being in 80 degree weather. And I love the fall season, so this is my first real day back in NYC enjoying it.

After a long flight, coming home to a surprise box of Lavazza coffee to cozy up too was such a delight.  In their card they asked me what fall meant to me and two things immediately came to mind. First, my traditional of walking up 5th Avenue to see the holiday windows and then stroll through Central Park (which is on this weeks agenda). And the other is being completely lazy; hiding from the cold, snuggling on my couch tucked into my throw while reading a book or blogging away on my computer — with holiday music (usually Mariah) in the background. Both occasions include a coffee in hand since whether I’m out in the cold or cozying up in the warmth, it’s always so necessary (unless it’s after 5pm — which is my caffeine cut off). And I’m so thankful to be a Lavazza ambassador since there coffee never disappoints, and there’s no product I use more to fuel me and push me through the day.

lavazza coffee

Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for letting me get into the fall spirit with you!