Places to See in St. Louis: Our Guide to Awesome Destinations

St. Louis Zoo

During my visit to St. Louis last week for St. Louis Fashion Week, Alive Magazine and Explore St. Louis set up a tour where we boarded the Fun Tyme Limo Tour Bus — which was beyond spacious for our 10+ person ride.

Union Station, St. Louis
Union Station, St. Louis

Popping some bubbly we started at our hotel, Union Station, which in addition to housing us is one of the largest passenger rail terminal (and most beautiful in my opinion) in the wold and now one of Americas great marketplaces. From there we made local stops to:

citygardens st. louis

city gardens st. louis

Citygardens – An urban oasis in downtown St. Louis, this small garden offers a serene backdrop of lush plantings mixed in with internationally renowned sculptures lining space. It also offers a perfect view of the arch!

City Gardens Missouri

Speaking of The Gateway Arch, I only saw the views of it — which is a vision! Next time I’m in town I’m going for a hands on view of the monument.

forest park, st. louis

St. Louis Zioo

Forest Park – This public park offers so much — and for free! It houses the Saint Louis Art Museum, The Muny (their outdoor musical theatre), Planetarium, the Missouri History Museum and my personal favorite, the Saint Louis Zoo! And that doesn’t even touch the cultural activities, restaurants, monuments and other attractions of the park.

st. louis zebra

st. louis zoo bear

Delmar Loop is the place to be for music, shopping and restaurants. Spanning over 6 blocks, if we have any vintage shopping lovers, be sure to stop by Avalon Exchange, I found some major scores there!

Greetings from Avalon Exchange
Greetings from Avalon Exchange

The City Museum is a MUST do for adults and kids alike. You can climb through it, or on top of it with big slides, and even a ferris wheel on top. Great city views and so much eye stimuli you’ll just have to see to believe.

City Museum

City Museum

Other found destinations include Central West End filled with galleries, boutiques and nightlife, Cherokee Street which is an up and coming area (and sounds like the Bushwick of St. Louis) and the Central Library.


If you’re looking for a great place to eat (they also have a hotel), The Restaurant at the Cheshire was my favorite (I recommend the Salmon Salad). The ambiance as well as everything is local and delicious made it high on my list. Also the drinks downstairs at the Basso are fantastic!

drinks st. louis