Essie Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt Collection {ManiMonday}

“Live dangerously. Dress flawlessly Inspired by a woman’s undeniable feminine mystique, essie’s fall 2014 delivers shades so chic it is almost criminal.” How’s that for a self manicured description by essie for their new dress to kilt collection? Intriguing, right? But does it live up to the description?

essie fall 2014 dress to kilt collection

Here’s what’s in the range (left to right from the photo above):

  • partner in crime – rich dark chocolate
  • the perfect cover up – powerful peacock teal
  • take it outside – punchy, fresh taupe
  • fall in lime – enigmatic jade green
  • style cartel – novel deep cobalt blue
  • dress to kilt – seductive red

As per usual, the names are fantastically clever and the range does get me excited for fall — minus the ‘partner in crime’ shade — I’m never excited for chocolate brown on my nails. The red is definitely seductive and of the 1 million nail polish shades in my arsenal, I don’t own any cobalt blue. (So that’s a win). And I saved the best three for last! I’m most excited for take it outside, fall in lime and the perfect cover up.

{Essie shade: take it outside}

essie take it outside swatch

For this #manimonday, I opted for take it outside — which is similar to my signature Knock Out Lili shade (only that ones matte) and this one has slightly less of a purple finish (although you see the hint of it with my skintone, right?). I love a good neutral that still has some personality to it — I’ll be wearing this year round.

{Essie shade: the perfect cover up}

essie the perfect cover up nail polish

While my sister rocked the the perfect cover up, which I thought looked like a dark navy at first glance, but it’s definitely a rich, deep green. I think I’ll need to wait another month or so until we’re really into fall before I’m ready for this shade. I’m still soaking up the summer light shades, but come this fall and winter, this is making my top row of nail polish shades.

The essie fall 2014 collection retails for $8.50 and is available starting today on