Endless Summer with Levi’s {Style Post}


For some of you this may have felt like an endless summer. For me, quite the opposite, I feel like I blinked and we’re already into the next season. But I’m not ready to give up my bright colors and summer mentality and two of the best transitional spring to fall wardrobe items I find are scarves and jeans!

My new beloved Levi’s Mid Rise Skinny Jeans ‘Endless Summer’ style will be a year round staple and here’s how I wear them to keep the summer spirit as we move onto fall. Matched against my Levi’s Denim Tee (don’t let the name deceive you, it’s a light blue, lightweight cotton top), I’ve added my bright red tie-dye scarf and belt for a pop of color, and my black perforated wedges to balance the look. And because I’m all about accessories I finished off the look with some silver arm candy and an ear cuff to add some glitz and glam to the outfit.


What I love about the Levi’s Mid Rise Skinny Jean is it’s so comfortable and moves with the curves of my body so I never have to hike them up –the belt I’m wearing is more for fashion then function.

While these are a newer pair of Levi’s to my wardrobe, I haven’t been without a pair since I was a teenager. Whether vintage or new, Levi’s are timeless and have been a staple in my wardrobe for the better part of two decades. In fact, I can’t think of any brand I’ve been wearing longer.

I remember my mom’s friend Tracie (who I thought was the coolest) would tell me stories on how her family moved to Italy when she was in High School and she would make a fortune buying all of her classmates Levi’s every time she came back to the States. All I wanted in life after hearing that was more Levi’s in my life!

Levi’s is such an iconic, heritage brand, epitomizing classic American style. Having launched in 1873 as Levi Strauss & Co., they were the ‘it’ jean of their time and for generations to come, being one of the most recognizable and imitated clothing brands in the world. And it’s that history that gives us that nostalgia and the endless memories of moments in our lives with Levi’s.

You’ve heard my story, now they want to hear yours! In August Levi’s launched the ‘Live in Levi’s Project’ on their website to showcase stories and authentic moments of those who live in Levi’s.

They’re looking for stories that share why you have an affinity for the brand – and the memories created while wearing them. Anything with the hashtag #LiveInLevis will be considered to be featured on the Levi’s site, so get sharing!

{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Levi’s® through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Levi’s®, all opinions are my own.}