L.A. COLORS ‘Brush with Fame’ Challenge #5: Sizzlin Style – Get the Look: David Bowie, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne

Brush With Fame contest

So here we have it, the final challenge in the In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, L.A. Colors ‘Brush with Fame’ competition! For our final crusade we are tasked with picking 3 of our favorite celebrity style icons and need to showcase how you can get the look from head to toe using L.A. Colors. Now I love Nicole Richie, Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson’s style but when it comes to their makeup they have similar nude makeup looks (and I only had room for 1 celebrity with a nude look). Plus with a brand like L.A. Colors, that has so much pigment and color to play with, I wanted to push myself to do three very different looks that featured celebs with amazing beauty and fashion style. So for the sake of diversity and my love for playing with different colors and looks (and celebrities that I consider artists when it comes to dressing), I went with Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and my ultimate #1 in live, David Bowie. This challenge was a whole lot of fun, so enjoy!

{David Bowie Inspiration Labyrinth meets Ziggy Stardusts}

David Bowie style

David Bowie is just the ultimate. As my girl Susan Sarandon recently described him when revealing she had a “wild love affair” with him decades ago, “He’s worth idolizing. He’s extraordinary… just a really interesting person, and so bright. He’s a talent, and a painter, and… he’s great.” That’s like everything I’ve always assumed about him and more. He’s original, and a true artist head to toe. And for this look I got to use eyeshadow for blush, lipstick for eyeshadow — And took his styling from Labyrinth as inspiration for the outfit and Ziggy Stardust for the makeup and nails (for which used L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Glam). In this look I’m wearing D&G sequins leggings, Modern Vice red shoes, Aryn K ruffle top, with a mens YSL velvet jacket.

how to recreate david bowie's lightening rod

Starting with my hair I used a wig I randomly got in a gift bag a million years ago from Raquel Welch for some extra layers and to create texture on the top of my head (the bottom hair is mine, flat ironed straight). 

Here’s how to get the makeup look (all products are L.A. COLORS): Start with their Cover Up! Pro Concealer (I mix shades Golden and Nude form my skin tone) to cover up any redness or areas that need full coverage. Then go all over with the Mineral Powder (my shade is Natural Beige). Then apply the Eyeshadow Primer all over your eye lid and use the GRAFIX Eyeliner in Black to create a thin line along the top lash line; and the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sunglasses (black) along the water line on the bottom lash line. Since this is a thicker pencil if the line is too thich, go in with a Q-tip with makeup remover and file the line down until it’s just on the water line.

Next, it’s time for the lightening bolt! The key to making it perfect is to use scotch tape to outline the zig zags. Then mix the Cover Up! Pro Concealer in Pure Orange and Hydrating Lipstick in Orange Love together on your hand or plastic board and then with a makeup brush apply it within the tape lines and all over your eye lid. Then with the GRAFIX Eyeliner in Black trace the outline of the bolt, followed by the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pool Party. Finish the eyes with the Double Volume Mascara in black.

Then in the shape of a 3 contour the sides of your cheeks using the 3D Blush Contour in Honey Bun using the “blush” shade in the palette and go over it with the orange shimmer  and bright pink shade from the 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Haute. Finish by applying the Chunky Lip Pencil in Creme Brulee, which is the a more appropriate nude to match Bowie’s exact look. I wanted a more color in my lip so I used the Chunky Lip Pencil in Coral instead and blotched it down so my lips had a little more pink .

{Rita Ora Outfit and Makeup Inspiration}

Rita Ora style

One of my favorite stores and person is stylist, Patricia Field. Being fortunate enough to call her my friend humbles me everyday. And what I love about her store is the amount of creativity, color and sheer ridiculous fun that comes out of the lines she carries. Very few can pull of a head to toe look from her store the way Rita Ora can (who is a customer). And she constantly impresses me with how she colors outside the lines defines her own personal style. Plus lets face it, I love a black liner and red lip, which is her signature so of course I’m drawn to her immediately. To get her style you can either shop at Patricia Field of mix a bunch of crazy styles together and have it work every time. She’s also a self proclaiming tom boy (she has a bathing suit that says so!) so fitted black pants and oversize tee shirts are another way (as seen above).  Inspired by her dual material black pants, oversized-banana shirt and wedges, I recreated her look using my boyfriend yellow tee shirt, Rag & Bone suit jacket and 20Legz Leggings which are both very similar to the one she’s wearing in the picture above; and finished the look with some Schutz booties with metallic heels I think she’d approve of.

Lara Eurdolian rita ora look

For the makeup I went with her classic black cat-eye and bold, red lip. I started by prepping my face again with the Cover Up! Pro Concealer (in shades Golden and Nude) and Mineral Powder (in Natural Beige). Then using the 3D Blush Contour in Honey Bun, I applied the countour shade along my cheekbone and on top of it around the temple used the highlight.

how to do the perfect cat eye

For the eyes I created the cat eye using the GRAFIX Eyeliner in Black with LA COLORS Jumbo Eye Pencil in black followed by the Double Volume Mascara and then applied the light beige-gold shade from the 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Haute on my eye lids.

I then finished off with the Chunky Lip in Deep Red on my lips. And for the nails (hers are usually crazy amazing! Since I’m limited on how much nail product I have from L. A. Colors, I decided to do a look where she paints each nail a different color used the following colors: Art Deco in black on my pinky, Color Crazy Nail Polish in Glam on the ring finger, the FlashPop! Nail Mad Duo  (the orange side) on my pointer finger and Color Crazy Nail Polish in Pink Bubbles on my thumb.

{Cara Delivene Tomgirl-grunge style and brown smokey eye inspiration}

Cara Delevigne street style

While I consider David Bowie and Rita Ora artists, that’s not what attracts me to Cara Delivene (and I’m not going to say it’s her eyebrows — although I’m a fan!), it’s that despite being one of the most sought after models by some of the world’s most high end brands, her off duty style is completely laid back and she rocks this grunge meets tomboy style which she pairs with some variation of a brownish bronzed smokey eye! She ranges from a light bronze with no black line to something much more dramatic and it matches her perfect tomgirl style, making her what I coined a tomgirl when I started my other blog, In His Clothes. I love how menswear influences womenswear and Cara Delivene has taken grunge and not only reminds us of how cool it is, but made it her own.Lara Eurdolian Cara Delevigne

When recreating her look I wore a tee shirt, with my H&M army green jacket over it, with my Paige Denim flannel shirt wrapped around my waist, and orange beanie hat (which I pretty much lived in all winter). I finished with a pair Modern Vice ankle boots with buckles and socks peaking out since that’s how she do!

Lara Eurdolian grunge

For the makeup I started with the same Cover Up! Pro Concealer and Mineral Powder from the other looks for a clean complexion. I then lined my cheeks with the 3D Blush Contour in Honey Bun, and went heavy on my cheekbone with the countour shade (similar to the Ora Rita look, but much darker) and extended the countour to my brow line and on top of it used the highlight.

For the eyes, I applied the Eyeshadow primer and then lined the top and bottom waterlines with the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sunglasses (black), and using the Grafix Eyeliner in black went over the Jumbo Pencil on my eyelids to create a more intense line black line. And finished the eyes with the Double Volume Mascara. Then using the 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet I blended the bronze to brown shades to create the smokey eye and lightly brushed my bottom lash line with  the brown that’s third to the right on the bottom row to highlight the eye.

I then closed with applying the Chunky Lip Pencil to my lips in Creme Brulee. Cara usually does red lips, but since I had more bright colors, I ripped off her black nails using L.A. Colors Art Deco in black. Since that’s more of a striper, I used one of the brushes from their other polish to be more accurate. Normally for all the nail manicures above I would recommend using L.A. COLORS Triple Play top and base coat before and after applying the polish but since I had to create these 3 looks in 2 days I needed them to come off as easily and quickly as possible.

That’s it, challenge complete! For the love of Bowie wish me luck!

Thank you In Touch, Life & Style and L.A. COLORS for selecting me as a finalist. This was a whole lot of fun!

David Bowie forever