PC Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pretty Connected ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video

I have to give my step-mother major props! She was the first person to show up in my feed doing the ALS Iced Bucket challenge. While that was only on August 8th, the campaign which has you pour a bucket of ice water on your head as the result of being nominated to either do the challenge or donate to ALS research and raise awareness has become a phenomenon attracting the likes of just about everyone. I was nominated by her and a week later by my friend Lindsay, so here we go…

Now the Ice Bucket Challenge has caused a lot of recent controversy, which I for one find really silly. Yes, I understand there may be more severe issues that could use donations but don’t take it out on this brilliant social media campaign. Sure, there are rules that if you get nominated you either do the challenge in 24 hours or donate but guess what no ALS police comes after you if you do neither. (It’s like those chain letters that no one forwards where if you don’t to 5 friends in 5 minutes it’s bad luck for the rest of the year). It’s going to be okay! In fact, I’m 18 days late but you know what I’m still sleeping just fine at night and glad I finally had a moment to pour a bucket of ice water on my head and show my support. I wanted to do it sooner but I was traveling and it could not have been more challenging to take this on while on the road. So, be inspired by the campaign, and help whatever organization that matters to you or simply enjoy it for the entertainment that it is of watching your friends and colleagues ice themselves.