Ice Cream + Coffee


Three things I’m a fan of: 1) Lavazza coffee, 2) National Ice Cream month and 3) No Makeup Mondays. Today, I’m celebrating all three. When James and I first started dating, I’ll never forget the time we made coffee and realized we didn’t have any milk, and he came up with the genius idea to add vanilla ice cream as a substitute.

No makeup monday

Maybe it’s forgetfulness, or the calorie content, but for some reason it’s been years since I ignited my joy of coffee and ice cream together. Well my friends at Lavazza reminded me it was National Ice Cream month so no better time to break out the coffee and celebrate.  For this and so many more — mainly the rich flavor without the headache and jitters that is the quality of Lavazza Drip Coffees makes me so happy to be a brand ambassador. Check them out at

Happy National Ice Cream Month everyone!