Nourish up! There’s a new snack in town by Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer Nourish Snacks

Lately, I’ve been all about the subscription box services. I’ve been getting some really interesting ones from all over the world — mostly beauty and fashion boxes — except for my latest discovery, Nourish Snacks!

I’m a huge snacker. With the amount that I’m on the road and my scattered schedule, I consider myself a bit of an expert in the category. (I’m on a first name basis with my deli guys.) I’m also a health nut and probably one of my biggest struggles is finding good, healthy, quick choices (my current staples are Kind Bars, pita chips and nuts), although I’m always feigning for more options, I feel so limited in having good choices. So, a subscription box service that delivers a variety of healthy snacks has my name written all over it.

Developed by renowned nutritionist, Joy Bauer, each recipe is hand crafted by her and her team of nutritionist delivering a menu of 35 premium, innovative and yummy snack blends (See the variety HERE). Each snack is 200 calories or less and contains no GMO’s, are naturally gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. They also use no harmful preservatives, artificial colors, trans fats or hydrogenated oils. And as a non-meat eater who cares about what goes into her body, this is totally my jam. She takes the guess work out of reading labels and picking good ingredients. I find I often see something that claims or looks like it’s healthy only to turn over the ingredients and see it’s filled with chemicals. Or I get something healthy and it tastes like garbage — we’ve all been there!

Having spent the past 25 years helping people eat smart, she’s created this service to deliver on her philosophy that snacks should be healthy but not at the expense of taste, have honest, wholesome, good ingredients and be balanced to provide nutrients like protein, fiber and antioxidants. Among her many accolades, including making the #1 New York Times bestselling author list, with 11 books under her belt, and founding the Heart—Smart—Kids program for underprivileged children in Harlem, she’s also served as NBC’s TODAY Show, nutrition and health expert for the past 9 years.

Online membership starts at $12.50/week for a box of 5 snacks and includes delivery. Each weekly box is curated by Joy and in the coming months you can expect a personalized snack selection option as well as a monthly box of 20 snacks, which is in development.

mr. popular nourish snacks by joy bauer
Totally hooked on Mr. Popular Nourish Snacks

This box has opened my world to a variety of new flavors and snack options. In fact, I wish they were available at my local deli since in my latest box, of the variety of 5 snacks, there’s this one, Mr. Popular which is half-popped corn kernels that I am obsessed with. It’s crack corn. It’s crunchy and when they develop a bulk ordering option, I’ll be their first customer. My roommate and I were on the LIRR for 3.5 hours this weekend going to Montauk and it was the only snack I refused to share, I was so hooked!

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{Disclaimer: Compensation was provided to test out and review this product. Opinions are my own.}