Must Have: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush


Clinique never ceases to amaze me in terms of pushing the envelope to develop new and innovative products. Their latest development is a major game changers! In an age of selfie’s, #NoMakeupMondays, and everything social media, where at any moment you have to be camera ready, having great skin has never felt more important. Neither has proper cleansing considering the amount of pollution in the air (and some other factors — ahem, diet, drinking…).


With all of this in mind, Clinique developed their first device, the new Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, which works in synergy with their (or other) skincare products to enhance the cleansing experience. Since safely is very important to Clinique, (they are the first dermatologist developed skin care brand) they have developed a device that’s safe, gentle and effective for all skin types (sensitive included) and works with any liquid or foam cleanser –even with salicylic acid. Just stay away from using it with any oil-based makeup removers or exfoliants (which should not be used with any device).

Since Clarisonic came out with their infamous device, we’ve seen a million renditions from brands wanting to get into the device category. What I respect about Clinique is they didn’t just jump into it and create some type of variation. This device is VERY different. For starters anyone that found the Clarisonic too harsh, will love the new Cleansing Brush sine it’s excellent for sensitive skin. And everyone who loves their Clarisonic (*hand raised) will still love the Cleansing Brush. It’s comparing apples to oranges when picking which is better so it comes down to your preference when picking a favorite. But Clinique has really modernized their device and thought of everything.


Lets start with the design. The brush has an angled trim because when observing women on how they use their devices they noticed we have a natural tendency to tilt our wrist when cleansing. The tip (the green bristles) are firmer to handle your t-zone, breakout prone areas and enlarged pore areas while the white part is smoother and softer and meant to be used on your cheeks and oil-prone areas, as it’s more gentle.

It’s also great for along the hairline which is a very important area to cleanse and is shaped to make it easy. Each fiber has anti-microbial properties in them to keep the brush fresh, especially since most women use them in the shower. Which is safe to do so as the device is waterproof.

Dermatologist developed, Swiss engineered, the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush works at 10000 sonic movements a minute to remove dirt and pollution, and within one applications you’ll feel the difference. With a comfortable grip, the device is lightweight and great for travel. It comes with a docking station to charge and has an LED indicator that goes from orange to green when it’s charged and ready to use.

I like to apply the soap to the brush direct and then use. The brush shuts off after 30 seconds which is the recommended amount of time to use the brush, twice a day. You can go up to 60 seconds for your face but work your way to that, otherwise 30 seconds should be enough (I do 30 seconds on my face, and then another 30 seconds on my neck/décolletage)

Replace the brush head every 3 month. The device is $89.50 and brush replacements are $26 each.

The Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush is available on