How to Stay Safe and Stylish in the Sun (Plus our best SPF tips!)


{Hat c/o White House Black Market Wide Brim Straw Hat,  Top: FORWEAR, Sunnies: Prada Heritage Cat-Eye, Pants c/o White House Black Market Drapey Printed Ankle Pant, Shoes: Predictions Leather Collection, Nail Polish c/o Essie shade Chills & Thrills}

My friends at HSN (Home Shopping Network) recently revamped their skin care page to help readers find a solution for their specific skin care concerns (check it out HERE) and asked me to share my best tips for being, Safe and Stylish in the Sun on my other blog, and I’m so all about sun protection (as I hope many of you are too!) that I wanted to share my tips here as well! So decked out in some of my new favorite from White House Black Market here it goes:

  • Wear an SPF and reapply every 2 hours or as instructed in the directions
  • For your hair use a UV protectant spray, especially if your hair is color treated. (And wear a hat whenever possible.)
  • Cover up! Wide brim hats, lightweight pants, (both of mine are currently available at White House Black Market) sunglasses… the more protected you are the better! They even make sun protective clothing with 100+ SPF!
  • From 10am-2pm when the sun is at it’s strongest so stay indoors or if you go out be sure to be protected
  • Opt for lightweight and white (or non-dark) hued clothing to help keep you cool as black attracts the sun.
  • Wear your hair up or in a chic braids and go easy on the heavy jewelry. This will help keep you from over heating and your hair from frizzing out.
  • If you’re going to try to tan and plan on wearing no sun protection at least put on Hazelnut Oil! It will get you the tan without burning your skin and contains a natural sunscreen of SPF 15. It’s also works great in your hair!
  • Carry SPF in all forms! We live in a great time when sunscreen comes in creams, sprays, moisturizers, powders, sticks and in all shapes and sizes so spend the time to find what works for you! For me I have ones that I travel with (under 3oz), ones for my by door (larger sizes) for when I leave the house and I always have a sample size SPF in my makeup case just in case I forget to apply in the AM or for when I need to reapply mid-day.



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