Got Damaged Hair? Try Neutrogena’s new Triple Repair Collection {Sponsored}

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When it comes to curing dry hair, Neutrogena is at the top of my list!  To date their Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask is the best I’ve ever used and a staple in my bathroom. I have a self proclaimed dry mullet. I’m literally normal to oily in the front and utter dryness in the back. So when Neutrogena launched their newest haircare collection, Triple Repair which consists of a Fortifying Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner and Fortifying Leave-In Treatment, I was all over it. It’s formulated to make hair 3x’s stronger and clinically proven to instantly repair the three leading signs of hair damage, it helps mends split ends, strengthen brittle hair, and protect from new hair breakage.

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I have an ombre so I use the shampoo on my scalp; I keep the conditioner off my roots and focus it on my ends and they after towel drying I add in the  leave-in treatment about four inches away from my scalp working it down to my ends. Since this line is all about hair repair dry, and mending dry, damaged locks (as in if you have shiny, healthy hair it’s not for you!), I had my (un-naturally) bleach blonde bombshell roommate test it out with me. Here’s what I figured out: the more damaged your hair is (whether it’s heat, chlorine, sun, or hair coloring damage), the more you will love it! Or rather the more drastic the results.

Since sticking Sarah on this line she’s asked me to cash in on my Neutrogena ambassadorship and get her a lifetime supply (by the way, Sarah also works in beauty so this is not a normal request — usually we’re on a crusade to get rid of products). And she’s only had good hair days since using it! Which is impressive given how picky she’s been and we’ve been using it for at least a month. For the first few weeks Sarah didn’t even incorporate the leave-in conditioner., the shampoo and conditioner were enough for her. Whereas for me I’m so split end prone the more moisture I can get to my ends, the better!

Which makes sense since it’s designed to make hair 3x’s stronger after just 1 use no matter the length. Plus in Neutrogena’s testing, the Triple Repair Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner mends 97% of split ends, while the Triple Repair Fortifying Leave-In Treatment reduces breakage by 80%, after one use! I would say that sounds crazy if we both didn’t feel our hair instantly become so soft and hydrated.

How it works, is the Triple Repair system contains nutrient rich conditioners that target damage and penetrate deep to rebuild hair, leaving hair more resilient to the effects of heat, color, and styling. Sarah blow drys and curls her hair daily and I’m a chronic flat ironer so another perk is of the line is hair is protected against heat styling over 400 F to help protect against further damage.

What we both liked about this collection is it doesn’t leave your hair greasy; the products aren’t heavy and get your hair really clean. The conditioner was very hydrating without leaving a residue and strengthens hair without stripping the color. One thing that usually drives me crazy when I get a hair collection is the shampoo’s net weight is larger then the conditioner. Maybe I’m the only one on the planet, but I use more conditioner then I do shampoo but to my great relief not only are they the same size, this is one of the few lines where I use almost use the exact ratio of shampoo to conditioner. Normally I’m piling my conditioner on top of my conditioner but a just a normal dollap seems to do the trick! And it leaves my hair so soft! (Sarah’s too.)

So there you have it, if you have dry hair, and especially are a chronic bleacher, try this collection out! And tweet me @prettyconnected to tell me what you think!  

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{Disclaimer: Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Neutrogena. Opinions are my own}