The Buried Life Makes a Difference for Torri, Now it’s Our Turn #HandForTorri

The Buried Life Torri Biddle My super wonderful friends at The Buried Life, which as some of you may know are the leaders in asking, “What Do You Want to do Before You Die?” and then for the lucky some, actually make that action happen. In the case of Torri Biddle, a 19 year old high school student from Ohio  that was born without a fully developed arm, what her friends wanted more then anything in the world was to get her a custom fit bionic arm. So much so that they started a #HandForTorri twitter campaign which led to The Buried Life getting involved and securing one from the Hanger Clinic which makes the best bionic arms in the world. They just released the video of them surprising Torri in front of her friends at the Invincible Children’s Fourth Estate Summit with this gift (it’s beyond touching what her community and The Buried Life did for her). So watch it and share it!  If the video hits 1M views, Hanger Clinic will donate another arm to a deserving boy/girl.