Coffee Tasting with LAVAZZA {Sponsored}

Lavazza coffee tastingI’m so, so, so, SO, excited to announce that I’m the newest Lavazza Passionista! Which is a fancy way of saying I’m the latest ambassador for the coffee brand! I fell in love with Lavazza while I was in Zanzibar over new years. Despite being on an island off the coast of Africa, the north of Zanzibar is literally all Italians so of course they served Lavazza coffee as it is #1 coffee brand of Italy. And that’s where my #LavazzaPassion began.

I’m such a coffee fiend and after safariing and being in the mountains where the coffee that was at par with dirt, going to such a perfect cup that is Lavazza brought so much joy to my trip. That may sound dramatic, but I’m virtually non-functional in the AM’s without a good cup of java.

All over Europe Lavazza is recognized for it’s premium blends and high quality coffee, in the US it’s gaining momentum but not a household name the way it is abroad. For the Oscars event I was hosting we needed coffee and I could not have been more excited Lavazza partnered with us and that my obsession with the brand launched me into their Passionista program.


Having sent me four specialty drip coffee blends – Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selexione, and Perfectto, I hosted a mini coffee tasking this weekend and opened all of them (I have no qualms with having 4 open coffee packs in my fridge — they will certainly all be consumed).

Here are the descriptions, intensity scale ranges from 1-5.

  • Gran Aroma – Medium Roast, Smooth and Aromatic, 100% Arabica. Intensive level 3.
  • Classico – Medium Roast, Rich and Full-Bodied. Intensity level 4.
  • Gran Selexione – Dark Roast, Intense and Chocolaty. Intensity level 5.
  • Perfectto – Espresso Roast, Dark and Velvety, 100% Arabica. Intensity level 5.

After sampling all of them I can honestly say I liked them all (a 3-5 intensity range is a good level for me), my favorite however was the Perfectto. Dark roasts are my go to as I like a very rich, robust cup of coffee, that’s balanced and going to deliver the caffeine fix I need without giving me a headache or making me shaky. Went down smooth and I enjoyed it to the last drop.

For any of you beauty aficionado you know caffeine has become a popular ingredient in skincare products, especially eye creams since it helps increase circulation to help brighten dark circles. What you may not know is that coffee grounds can also be used as a hair treatment, exfoliator and face masks. Yes, really! Read all about it HERE.

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{Disclaimer: Sponsored partnership and the products we’re sent complimentary as part of the program. All opinions are my own.}