Come on get healthy!

Kusmi Tea, Brooks Running ShoesEvery year, taking better care of yourself should be at the top of your list of resolutions. Even if you already take great care of yourself, go above and beyond this year, you’re worth it! So my biggest resolution (and believe me I have plenty), is me! And because putting something down on paper (errr blog!), actually increases the chances of it happening, here it goes:

1. Commit to a workout regimen – I’m great at taking on big running initiatives.  Three years ago it was a half marathon, two year ago it was Tough Mudder, and in 2013 I conquered Muderella and Color Me Rad. Believe it or not, I hardly trained for any of them. Getting myself into a regular workout routine has been one of my biggest challenges and something I’d like to change. My Brooks Running PureCadence 2 sneakers have taken me through so much over the past year — the two races I listed and beyond. As I start a new year, I start with a new pair, that I’m excited to break in. They are super light and supportive and easily the best sneaker I’ve ever owned.

2. Drink less coffee and more tea – I’ve always loved tea, but for one reason or another I rarely make it at home, until this past month. I’ve been constantly sick for the past month — and drowning myself in Kusmi tea. I think I own every flavor. Current favorite, the BB Detox green tea mate with grapefruit. Much lighter then most green teas (it almost tastes like an herbal tea!), mix with some honey and it’s delightful. I’m also drinking Zhenas Extra Strength Slim Me tea. The Raspberry Mint is on the sweeter side (It’s definitely more raspberry then mint), the Mixed Berry flavor is more mild and enhances well with honey. They are packed with great herbs and extracts for increasing energy and improve digestion. And can be served hot or cold.

3. Take off all of my makeup before bed – I do this anyways, but I’m putting it in. I even leave makeup remover wipes next to my bed just in case it’s one of those late nights where I’m too exhausted to make it to the sink.

4. Wear SPF everyday – another staple for me, but worth keeping in the resolution pool. If I haven’t hammered down the reasons enough as to why this is important, read this post.

5. Take My Vitamins – I’m attempting to be more consistent with taking a mulch-vitamin (not that I’m completely convinced it does anything), but in addition I recently started taking Nourage a supplement for my hair — 3 tablets, twice a day. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is. I’ll report back in a few months if my hair is growing longer and stronger.

6. Floss more – I need to kick up my dental hygiene up a notch. I have super white teeth, I brush like a maniac but I’m a terrible flosser. And according to my dentist unless I get my act together, the cavity fairy is going to come knocking.

7. Diet – I don’t believe in dieting. I learned that the hard way in high school when they always resulted in my gaining weight from thinking about food all the time. Instead, it’s all about balance for me. Eating right, which means more omega-3’s and antioxidants, and less candy bars and overly processed foods. I also need to stop with the late night snacking — kitchen closed after 9pm on weekdays #IllNeverMakeIt

Lets do this! Cheers to a brand new year!