BCA: Ann Taylor Launches Brilliant Bow Collection

Ann Taylor BCA Brilliant Bow collectionOctober is always such an inspiring month where you see brands really step up to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Getting behind the cause, Ann Taylor has launched a Brilliant Bow Collection consisting of two dazzling pieces of jewelry! Now through 12/31/13, the retailer will be donating 70% of the purchase price of these pieces as well as 90% of the Ann Taylor Cares Card purchase price to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Ann Taylor Brilliant Bow BraceletSecretly, I want the Brilliant Bow bracelet ($49.50) to be a dog collar and put it on a princess of a pup (wouldn’t that be so cute?!); although it’s a great blinging piece to adorn your arm and is one size fits all since it’s elastic around the wrist (there’s no buckle). The Brilliant Bow necklace ($79.50) sits high on the neck and is an elegant piece to add to your collection. There’s the subtle pink jewel detailing on the clasp that’s really lovely (I love when brands pay attention to that amount of detail).

Ann Taylor Brilliant Bow NecklaceLearn more about the Brilliant Bow collection at AnnTaylor.com