Thursday Inspiration: Do More of What You Love {Sponsored}

“Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.” – Johnny Carson

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Being a full-time blogger isn’t a job per say, it’s more of a lifestyle. One that if you plan on being successful at you need to be very passionate about since it goes beyond a full-time job. A job you leave at the end of the day, not the case with your lifestyle — it’s virtually impossible to escape. And I feel so fortunate to be in a generation of bloggers that started sites before it was trendy and 4 years later we’re still making up the rules and evolving.

There’s no question I love what I do. And as we kick off fashion week today, I’m reminded why I’m so passionate about the fashion industry. Every season I get to go backstage and watch makeup artists I idolize come up with new looks, debut new products and then watch the runways shows of designers I grew up reading about in Vogue. It gets exhausting running from one show to the next and trying to find the time to write about all of it but I can’t imagine sitting a season out. Even just being at the tents at Lincoln Center and people watching inspires me.
So in the spirit of staying inspired and passionate about my job, and most importantly my life, I decided to start a running list of what ignites my passion so I don’t forget in 5 days when I’m burnt out on fashion week and cursing the heels I walk in.
1. Fashion – fashion week, designers, and getting to meet/interview my industry idols.
2. Beauty – being backstage at fashion week, interviewing experts, trying new products and getting to play with makeup.
3. Traveling/adventures – I always rent a car and book my hotels only a few nights in advance so I have the flexibility to keep moving and travel around.
4. Dreaming – Someday I’ll… it’s important to dream and turn those ‘somedays’ into reality.
5. The beach – Someday I will have a place on the water and will be able to wake up and go surfing and take nightly walks and runs on the beach.
6. James King – love of my life and someone who inspires and supports me to be my best self.
7. Exercising – running, walking the streets of NY and longboarding.
8. Music – It makes the world go round. I have soundtracks for road trip, plane rides, running, walking… It fuels me and has such an impact on my mood.
9. Friends/family – When you’re down it’s important to have the people that bring you up around. And when you’re up, it’s important to have those same people to tell you.
10. Creativity and art – the kind that leaves you speechless.
So what inspires you? Help me build my list. Leave a comment or tweet me @prettyconnected.

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