Swoon: A Dating App that Makes Dating Fun (for real)

SwoonApppI know what you’re thinking, how can anything about online dating be fun. And I get it, the dating world — especially for my fellow sista’s in NYC is particularly challenging. But here’s the deal, last week I attended the relaunch event for the Swoon App and in a sea of online dating services this is definitely one that stands out.

Molly Messenger, product head manager for the app, explained it well when saying, “there are no long forms to fill out (who reads those anyway?).  It’s an iPhone app that is linked to your Facebook profile.  Don’t worry it doesn’t post anything on your wall.  The app just pulls you pictures so you have a few decent ones to start.”

Wilmer Valderrama, Lara EurdolianRemember that site, “hot or not?”, it’s like that with some Pandora like algorithms that basically tries to find men based on your preferences, interests and age range. Here’s how it works, the app links to your Facebook profile and then pulls up friends of your friends pictures, interests, age as well as displays your mutual friends and you either swipe ‘left’ if you’re interested, ‘right’ if you’re not. Either way, it’s completely anonymous and in no way will that person find out you’ve reviewed their profile (nor will your mutual friends) unless they have reviewed yours to and you’ve both swiped accordingly as interested. From there you can go on a date and live happily ever after and then cancel your account. Did I mention the app is free?

The video says it all…

Notable guests, at the event included that ’70s Show actor Wilmer Valderama, Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Albie Manzo and socialite Tinsley Mortimer. Naturally my swoon date match was Wilmer — or at least I like to think so if we weren’t both happily taken.

What are you waiting for, go swoon and send me a wedding invite!