Dove + StyleCaster #RestoreYourSenses Hamptons Retreat


Lately, it’s been real busy. And by lately, I mean the last year+ of my life. So anything labeled as restorative or relaxing I’m all over. Especially if the invite is coming from Dove and StyleCaster complete with an all inclusive to trip to the Hamptons. I’m listening…

Greetings from StyleCaster! Bloggers poolside… Photo Credit: Aly Lindsay

Themed #RestoreYourSenses Dove treated myself and fellow beauty bloggers to a relaxing day by the pool at StyleCaster’s summer Hamptons house where we celebrated the launch of Restore, the newest fragrance addition to the Dove go fresh product collection. Carrying the scent of blue fig & orange blossom, Restore is available in a body wash, beauty bar and an anti-perspirant/deodorant. It’s pretty, floral and summery fresh. It was a perfectly restorative day, filled with Dove-body-ingredient-inspired cocktails and bites, mani’s compliments of Red Carpet Manicure, DIY bracelet making with Jenni from ISPYDIY and yoga on the lawn!

Dove hair

Speaking of Dove, the day before the event, I hit up Times Square for the Dove Great Hair Affair Tour presented by Glamour Magazine and was treated to a blow-out using the new Dove Daily Moisture & Dove Intensive Repair collections and some quality time with one of my favorite celebrity hair stylists, Matt Fugate. Can I just sum it up with you should run out and buy it? They are super lightweight and moisturizing (which are not generally two adjectives I put together when talking hair products) and their Style+Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse may be the first mousse products I don’t have a complex about drowning my hair in. It’s just that light and non-sticky. And mixed in with the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was so soft and pretty! Plus it stayed put and resisted it’s urge to expand and frizz out in the heat. Lets put it this way, if you ever want to test out a hair collection, Times Square in the middle of the day, under intense humidity is probably the way to go. If it can withstand that… well lets just say my bed-head was no issue. I pinned up my hair and it looked newly done in time for my morning Hamptons trip.