La Lingerie Noire – Chantelle Reveals the Fall 2013 Collection


Sexy, sexy, sexy is how I felt after getting a peak at Chantelle’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection which is inspired by global travels.  On top of scoping out this lust worthy lingerie, I also met with their team who took me through the La Lingerie Noire exhibit covering the classic significance of black lingerie through the years which showcased amazing vintage and archived pieces flown in from Paris.

The Fall 2013 collection is sexy and sophisticated, with unique to Chantelle carrying a floral and geometric lace, 3d spacer technology and the couture feel of jacquard knit.  The color story ranges from warm Parisian inspired colors (heritage and traditional): violets, reds and beige, Shanghai inspired colors (festive and electric): deep purples and midnight blues, to New York inspired colors (business and movement): blacks and tonal grays, and Prague inspired colors (romantic and Poetic): green earth tones.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.51.42 PM

See their craft, expertise, and attention to detail in this beautiful video:

I can not wait till this collection comes out!  Whatever your style, if you are in need of the essential everyday bra or looking for something fun to spice up your day visit And check out our collection of pictures of their vintage and archived pieces below:

Vintage Lingerie
Vintage Lingerie
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vintage: 1920’s


Sophie Lauren helps make the push up bra a trend.  vintage: 1960's
Sophia Loren helps make the push up bra a trend. vintage: 1960’s
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Vintage lingerie