Product Review: One Bad A$$ Curling Iron – The T3 BodyWaver


The sleek white aesthetic of the T3 Bodywaver just magnifies power when you open the box. This is a curling iron not to be messed with.  It looked more like a work of art (or a light saver) then a beauty tool and is claimed to create salon worthy waves while also adding shine. I’m big on investing in your hair tools, especially ones that are built to last and I use regularly so the new T3 Bodywaver is a welcomed addition (and a larger barrel size then I usually use). 

T3 BodyWaver Curling Iron $149

The T3 BodyWaver gets super hot fast!  (410 degrees Fahrenheit within 90 seconds fast)  It uses SinglePass Radial Technology with built-in tourmaline-infused heaters to maintain the same temperature over the large 1.75″ ceramic barrel.  First thing I noticed was a slight strange almost burning smell that the iron gives off as it heats up.  However, aside from that the curls it makes on my long layered hair look PHENOMENAL!  It is really easy to to use and grabs hair securely without pulling or breakage (which is my #1 pet peeve when it comes to curling irons!).  I kept wanting to twirl it around on my finger from the hollow tip at the top, which works great but it does get fairly warm so do this with caution.  I finished off with Redken’s Radiant Sea Spray (Time-Touch Hair Fragrance) to cover the smell that the iron left on my hair with the fresh smell of summer’s ocean breeze. NOTE: Make sure you use a hair balm or produce with heat protectants prior to using.

T3 Curling iron - SinglePass Radial Technology

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{Disclaimer: I got a sample}