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There’s something about at-home hair removal system that takes me back to my childhood and an era where I feel like every mom (and this teenager) was using them. Maybe it’s because I moved out of the suburbs and into NYC where there’s a salon on every other block or suddenly my busy schedule pushed me to exclusively use razors when left to my own vices, but somehow I can’t remember the last time I tried one.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

Nair Hair Remover recently launched two NEW Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care one for your body and the other for your face. These two new depilatories join the popular Brazilian Spa Clay Line inspired by the beauty secrets and hair removal expertise of Brazil. Each product is infused with mango butter and açai berry known to moisturize the skin, and mineral-rich clay known to purify the skin. Promising ‘professional results  at a fraction of the cost’, I sampled both products with incredible results. And with summer around the corner, smooth legs have never been more in season.

First, I tried the Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio which includes 2 Pre-Use Wipes, 1 Sponge, 1 Spatula, Hair Removal Cream and Moisturizer. The 3 step application instructs:


Prepare the skin with the pre-wipes in the area where hair is being removed this step was easy enough and feels like normal hand wipes. It contains mineral oil and chamomile to prepare your skin before removing hair. I only wish they would include more then 2 in the pack…


Using the spatula or sponge apply a tick, even layer of the cream – Again, easy enough and the clean up of the sponge is super easy. The only thing that gets me the strong smell — although considering the process takes only 4-9 minutes total it’s not so bad (and well worth the results). I was a bit confused over the next part of the instruction…

Wait at least 1 minute before entering the shower. In the shower, leave the cream on the skin for at least 3 minutes; try to avoid excessive exposure to water in the areas which are covered with the cream – Considering the cream was on my legs that was next to impossible. However, while it doesn’t say this on the box it’s important to know is that the formula is resistant to water through emollients similar to those found in waterproof sunscreens so it will resist runoff while you shower. But in the case of my legs I ran the water as a bath and stood in it to avoid contact.

After 3 minutes, use a damp washcloth to test a small area for hair removal. If hair comes off easily, continue to remove the create. If the hair does not, leave for a few minutes longer – Total hair removal time depends on hair thickness (but should not exceed 10 minutes), so I left the cream on outside the shower for 4-5 minutes, 3 minutes in the shower and my hair came off easily.


Apply gel onto skin where hair has been removed. – The gel was slightly tacky but cooling and absorbed great into my skin. My skin wasn’t irritated at all by the remover so it’s not like in waxing where you apply this step to calm the skin, this just added some moisture to replenish the skin.

I was very pleased with the results! Throughout the day and next morning my legs were so soft and hair free. The results are spa like impressive.

Second, I tried the Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Face Trio ($13.99) which includes a Prepare balm, Hair Remover and Moisturizer. The 3 step application instructs:

STEP 1: Remove all makeup. Twist base clockwise until balm appears between bristles and using the brush, spread a very thin layer onto skin against hair growththe pre-balm coats the skin to helm minimize irritation and redness.

STEP 2: Apply cream with contoured applicator spread a thick, even layer to cover hair. Leave cream on for 7 minutes. Then check a small area for hair removal. If the hair doesn’t come off leave the cream on for a few minutes longer. Do not exceed 10 minutes of total application time. – Unlike the body cream, the scent was faint on this and didn’t bother me and went on smooth. There’s no drying time so you can apply the depilatory immediately after using the pre-balm.

Gently wipe off cream and hair with a damp washcloth. Do not rub. Rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry.

STEP 3: Apply moisturizer and gently massage onto skin.The cream went on clear and left my skin smooth and hydrated. Similar to a typical facial moisturizer, this will help neutralize the pH of the skin, bringing it back to the normal level.

I have really thin hair on my face which if anything would count as light peach fuzz, so 7 minutes was plenty for me and removed easily. I didn’t break out or find any skin irritation from the process.

The speed, easy application process, quick clean and most importantly the result were excellent. My only complaint (besides the smell of body cream) is that they both contain mineral oil, which I’m not a fan of for everyday use. It’s a very commonly used ingredient in skincare and isn’t hazardous however it has been linked to premature aging. (Although some reports call that bogus, I’m still on the fence). However for a once and a while use product that you wash off, and until more reports are done, I’m not as concerned.

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