GHD Gold Series Proffestional: The Ultimate flat iron

Meet Sarah! One of the greatest people and artists I know! Sarah tasked me with finding the best flat iron for her extremely thick, coarse color-treated hair. As a GHD enthusiast, I recently got the ghd Gold Series Professional 1″ styler iron from the limited edition metallic collection, which can rival the thickest of hair strands for this challenge. What I like about GHD flat irons is they are lightweight, compact and has a swivel cord so it never tangles or is uncomfortable to use at any angle of straightening. (Although I’d love if they added a gripper to the handle — I always apply too much pre-oil or balm as my heat protectant and straighten with greasy hands). All of their flat irons come with a stylish head resistant styler bag, 2 year warranty and universal voltage. It also has a rounded barrel for those talented enough to use a flat iron to curl their hair.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 6.35.05 PM

The ghd Gold Series heats up EXTREMELY fast and beeps once it’s reached it’s optimum temperature of 347-365 degrees fahrenheit. Another feature I like (especially for any of you paranoid-you-left-the-house-with-the-flat-iron-on) is it goes into sleep mode after 30minute if not used. Only downfall is you can’t adjust the head settings, which isn’t much of a problem for the majority of us big hair divas, however for those with short or very thin hair they may find it too hot. (But it will do the trick and straighten your hair pin straight). Plus I was always taught it’s better to go higher heat with quick strokes, then longer strokes with lower settings. Still a High-Medium-Low or dial with settings would be nice.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 6.34.59 PM

For anyone trying to achieve stick traight hair, my recommendation is use a comb (not brush) and section hair into 1″ groups. Then going with the grain of the hair flat iron from root to tip in a fairly quick motion, comb again and go back in for round two for any section that is still rebelling.

This flat iron makes it quick and easy, even for beginners. We got Sarah’s hair done in about 20-30 minutes and when I tasked her to do it on her own, she was able to it under 35min (and she has a lot of hair!). Best part it leaves your hair soft and shiny (again, make sure you’re using a heat protectant or styling balm for optimal results).

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