PC Interview: Samantha Bee talks Dove, Truth Telling and Life on The Daily Show #AprilTruthDay

Samantha Bee, Dove

Last week, bloggers and editors alike joined Dove for April Truth Day. Committed to uncovering the truth when it comes to your choice of body soaps, Dove recently launched the Dove Truth Files, where fans can visit their site and participate in a series of activities for their chance to win over 20,000 instant prizes. And as part of the campaign, Dove tapped truth sleuth Samantah Bee of “The Daily Show” to be the Dove Truth Investigator, getting real women to ‘come clean’ about everything from their shower habits to dating (you can watch the hilarious videos HERE).

Pretty Connected teamed up with Shy from Beauty and the Feast Blog’s and the two of us caught up with The Daily Show’s “Most Senior Correspondent” to get the truth about life, love and Dove.


PRETTY CONNECTED (PC): How did you get involved with Dove?

SAMANTHA BEE (SB): Well it’s a great partnership for us because I’ve used Dove my entire life; since I was a little baby.  My grandmother used to use the Beauty Bar… And I’ve admired their advertising over the years, and admired them in general. So it’s a really good fit.

PC: What’s the most surprising thing you found when you were interviewing people on the street about sharing their truths?

SB: It’s amazing how much truth people lay on you when you put a camera on them. They tell you the most personal details of their life. We didn’t use a lot because it ended up being so personal. I mean, people told us about relationships that went sour. I think people want to tell their stories and they want to be heard.

PC: Did you get sucked into April Fools Day?

SB: No, I really didn’t. I try to stay out of the frame. My kids didn’t even try. I did not perpetrate, I’m more about April Truth Day.

PC: Tell us about the shower [from the Truth File videos].

SM: Oh yes, the shower. I just thought it made sense. The shower was something I suggested. In Times Square it’s is so loud and crazy. The shower was a safe place to tell your secrets.

PC: What’s the one truth about you you’d want to share today?

SB: I sometimes hide from my children. Even though I hear them calling my name and I just don’t come out. I don’t respond. I know they’re safe and if I know they’re okay, I just pretend I don’t hear them. Sometimes you have to… sometimes you have to. They are 2, 4 and 7.

PC: Any Beauty truths?

SB: Dove Beauty Bar. I try not to do too much, less is more.

PC: Do your kids love it too?

SB: Absolutely. We’re a Dove family!

PC: What’s your favorite thing about Jon Stewart?

SB: He’s so smart! SO SMART, so, so, so smart. That is the absolute truth! 100%.

PC: Best thing working at The Daily Show?

SB: Everyday is completely different. It’s an adventure working there with fresh experiences everyday. You never know what to expect.

PC: Are you competitive with your husband, Jason Jones, on the show?

SB: We can’t compete with each other, because I give him all my good jokes [laughs]. We did this trivia game show in Canada and I was obsessed. I didn’t really think of myself of a competitive person but when I was on this game show, I was like, I’m gonna win this thing – like, don’t even try it. It just came out of me!

{Yes, there was a giant Dove ice statue with actual Dove soap inside. TRUTH!}


As for my  and Shy’s confessions….

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