DO:MORE with Degree


Degree recently launched their DO:MORE campaign encouraging fans to do more of what they love. And they have just the deodorant to help you do it… Tapping the talents of Olympians Lolo Jones and Alex Morgan (and seriously who better to test out their new deodorant line then these extreme athletes), I spent the afternoon with these ladies learning about how they DO MORE and their favorite extracurricular activities.


When Alex Morgan isn’t on the soccer field, she escapes to her second passion – paddle boarding. The Olympic Gold medalist gave me a quick lesson on balance and by the end of it I was up on that board on one leg (breaking a full sweat).

Lara Eurdolian, Lolo Jones

I then went for some bobsled training with Lolo Jones. The track and field  superstar who won two gold medels in hurdling is now pushing towards competing in bobsledding for the 2014 winter games. P.S. Bobsleds are not not comfortable to jump into as they look. (Although it looks pretty darn cool.)

Lara Eurdolian, Lolo Jones

Both girls use the NEW Degree with MOTIONSENSE deodorant to DO:MORE and pursue their passions. This deodorant is triggered by even the most subtle body movements releasing extra protection throughout the day to fight sweat and odor before they start. While the average antiperspirant deodorant releases scent upon contact with sweat, Degree with MOTIONSENSE starts working when you start to more, keeping you cooler for longer. I put the deodorant to the ultimate test — I wore it on my flight to Miami. Now that may sound funny, but for some reason long flights make me perspire and smell bad (even more so then working out sometimes) and MOTIONSENSE worked like a charm. I was completely balanced and dry. I have also worn it for daily use and have had the same experience. It’s light, smells great (I like the fresh energy scent) and doesn’t stain or wick onto my clothes.

Alex MorganDegree event

About the campaign: DO:MORE is a philosophy, a rallying cry for those who want to devour life and all that it brings. It is a motivator for doers everywhere and a reminder to us all that we should maximize every moment, commit to those things that move us, and to pursue our passions with an unrelenting hunger.

To learn more about MOTIONSENSE and for ideas on how you can DO:MORE as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the Degree athletes’ ad visit