Coming Soon: Clinique CC Cream

Clinique CC Cream

Arriving at the London hotel amidst weather that can be best described as wretched, my skin was beyond dry and lacking luster for sure. At that moment the word radiant wouldn’t be in the top 20 adjectives to explain its lifelessness and being in my twenties that is a sad statement. Enter Clinique CC cream, a lightweight hydrating color corrector that is nothing short of magic in a bottle.

I was whisked over to the color bar where I dabbled some cc cream on and instantly the social media lover in me immediately related this positive saturated effect to Instagram. I’d say its like a Valencia filter. A true freshness surged over my skin while giving it a smooth finish and what really floored me was how revitalized my skin actually felt while having a matte finish. Seriously Clinique, how’d you do that? 

Clinique CC creams

Well again, I will point to magic as probably being the main ingredient but if you want to get technical the advanced colour correcting technology utilizes light by way of optics. These supernatural particles scatter light “multi-dimensionally” to neutralize skin’s complexion leaving you with that fresh from yoga glow. Debuting at your local Clinique counter in April, this is something I would surely add to your daily makeup routine. It can act as a tinted moisturizer, you can apply it under foundation and if you are a jet-setter, this is your holy grail for long flights since it boosts your skins hydration by 60%.

I am currently wearing CC cream today under my {Clinique Even Better} foundation 5 hours since application and my skin looks enriched and feels supple all while I have trekked blocks in the snow and harsh wind. I guess you can say I see the light!

Clinique CC Cream is launching April 2013, and will be available in six shades (1.4oz/$35).

Disclaimer: We were given a sample