Nokia x LeiVanKash Mood Board #NokiaLVK

I’m always posting competitions for all of you lovely readers to participate in that I’ve had a blast this past month having the tables turned on me! Nokia has partnered with London-based designer, Leila Kashanipour and her jewelry line, LeiVanKash to challengers on a one-of-a-kind fashion quest!

{Taken from LeiVanKash instagram page — you’re in love, right?}

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.45.06 PM

With Leila’s bespoke designs in mind, and a Nokia Lumia 900 on loan for a month, I was asked to create a mood board using my new phone to inspire a new piece of jewelry form my favourite LeiVanKash collection. The winner with the best mood board gets to join Leila in London and see their inspirations come to life! You should know, Nokia and I have a long standing history. Prior to being an iPhone convert, I was a loyalist. I was a late adopter to the smartphone world and my previous phone was a Nokia that had a battery life of about a week, t9 texting and was indestructible (I should know I dropped it about 1000 times). As I’m currently on the hunt for a new phone, the Nokia 920 is now in the running (it runs Windows 8!).

I’m an accessories addict and after stalking Leila on instagram and checking out her jewelry line, I think we’re the same person — or rather she projects everything I love (and I wish I was that stylish) — she’s inspired by her Persian heritage, her love of 70s style, glam rock and mystical traits of the natural world (I may as well have this description in my about page). For me fashion is everything from an evening gown to an old pair of jeans and her collection offers pieces for both (and often the same piece, just worn in different ways or in a different finish). You all know how much I love mixing metallics and I’m rarely without a signature stack of bracelets adorning my arm (clearly LeiVanKash has a new fan). Well enough about my girl crush (although you should see her outfit posts, almost as drool worthy as the jewelry), now for my first challenge — picking which of her 5 collections (Flora, Persepolis, Democles, Skullmania, and Totem), I wanted to focus on.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.45.57 PM

Totem won! (Just look at the above description, how could I not? Check out the collection.)

NYC has always been a deep source of inspiration for me, especially during the holidays with all of the window displays up Fifth Avenue! As is nature, animals and especially feathers –I’m fascinated by different textures, patterns and shapes. While this entire post is my mood board, I shot so many images, I decided to compartmentalize them by Inspiration (images that were total show stoppers), Animals, Feathers and Because, Love (which plays to things I love, ranging from antique mirrors, chandeliers, glam rock to classic icons like Brigitte Bardot).

All of the pictures taken for my mood board are 100% taken with my Nokia 900. Enjoy!

inspirationsanimalsfeathers love

I even started sketching… (my illustration skills are at a 2nd grade level).


Thank you Nokia and LeiVanKash for an inspiring ride!

Disclaimer: A was given a complimentary Nokia 900 to try for a month