Bonjour Montreal: Lise Watier Launches in the US

I recently spent an amazing few days in Montreal living and breathing Canada’s #1 prestige beauty brand, Lise Watier and could not be more excited over their products or that now they can be purchased in the states! That’s right, I flew up to celebrate the launch of their US e-commerces site,, so now all you Americans that go to Canada to stock up on your LW favorites can purchase them online.

{I met Madame Watier!}

 The trip was full of highlights, the launch party itself, breakfast with Madame Watier at the Ritz Carlton (she introduced me to the Canadian Bagel), an introductory course and opportunity to play with their products, touring the design studio of Eve Gravel, late night Poutine snacking (it’s this french fries and gravy dish I was told you’re not allowed to leave Canada without trying) and the trip concluded with an epic photo shoot (wait until you see the pictures!).

{Launch Party}

{Time for class!}

If you’ve heard of Lise Watier before this post or tried one of their products, I’m going to venture a guess that the item that brought them to your attention was their #1 seller, Portfolio Professional Correctors. I’ve interviewed several make-up artists who swear by it, and now I know why — it’s everything it’s cracked up to be! It offers exceptional coverage and hides everything from dark circles, blemishes, redness to even tattoos. The 5 shade cover wheel offers instructions on the back for which shade goes where depending on what you’re trying to conceal. While the original works for most everything and has been the brands bestseller since it was conceived, Lise Watier recently introduced two new color wheels of Portfolio; one for very light and dark skin.

My other instant favorite is their Feline Eyeliner HD. If you’re a cat eye girl, this liner is your product. It offers such a precise application no matter how thin or thick a line you like to create. It has a felt-like tip which makes for a soft and comfortable application.

Their Haute Couleur lip gloss is also phenomenal. Not only does it go on smooth and packs some serious color and shine, it also lights up — no literally, when you open the applicator a light turns on (it looks very sexy when applied in public).

From their my list grows, I loved the Waterproof Eyeliner, the 24 Hour Glam Mascara, their fake lashes I don’t even have words for!!! Basically everything I’ve tried so far I’ve been impressed with. I just put in an order for lipstick, foundations and some eye products I didn’t get a chance to try and will report back.