Wesley Nault Spring 2013 Presentation

Wesley Nault’s spring 2013 showing was a curated collection for the ladies who lunch. Oh, and by ladies who lunch I mean young “it” gals who are feasting at what Nault described as a psychadelic picnic. A serene color story of hues that made you feel like you were floating placed on strong silhouettes by way of pencil skirts, sophisticated blouses, and a cheeky all in one sweater set created a perfect synergy. The prints packed excitement, the touches of iridescence made your pupils dance and the accoutrements of hair, make-up, bold baubles and swoon worthy shoes {courtesy of Christian Louboutin} framed each look in a bout of whimsy. All you have to do is throw that glistening gingham blanket on the neon greenery and pop open the bubbly, I presume champagne is the drink of choice at this kind of thing, and fall down a rabbit hole that leads you out of District 12 and straight to the Capital. Bon Appétit!