Joie de Vivre: Voutre Vu Launches French Accents Color Collection

July 14th is a day of celebration to commemorate the storming of the Bastille in France; a day to remember the end of the French Revolution and the beginning of a new era in French history. This past Bastille Day marked the beginning of a new era for those of us in the beauty industry as well. I was joined by beauty writers and addicts alike at the Bakehouse Bistro & Café in the West Village to celebrate the recent launch of the Votre Vu French Accents Premier Color Collection. Known for their high quality makeup made with plant-based ingredients (and no animal testing!), this was my first introduction into the brands cosmetic line — I know them more for their skincare.

The event could not have been any more fabulously Parision — the venue was perfect, the staff was dressed in Marie Antoinette-esque wigs and berets, delicious cocktails were served, and (most notably) there was a beautiful showcase of the French Accents premier color collection on display for all to admire.

Before even opening the collection to play, what immediately stuck out was the clever names that were given to the makeup – most are a play on French words — “Arc de Triumph” (brow definer), “Vu on Rouge” (color for your eyes, lips, and cheeks), “Belle Poudre” (mineral powder with anti-inflammatory and sun protecting ingredients, and “Eiffel Power” (nourishing mascara) amongst many others.

Instant favorites:

{Eiffel Power Mascara – the nourishing formula and think-bristled brush makes for luscious and gorgeous eyelashes!}

{Le Joli Crayon – this eyeliner comes double-sided with pencil and smudger to give you the option of a smokey eye look. Perfect for a night on the town!}

{Belle Poudre – a powder to finish off a natural look and make your complexion look flawless.}

{Beauté en Bronze – contouring and rosey cheeks go hand-in-hand. I love the compact case!}

{Powder Brush – perfect for on-the-go applications! Allows for blush and bronzer to be applied with precision.}

Et, voila! I love the results and that the makeup feels so light on my skin! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing a mask after applying your makeup (especially in the summertime).

The collection ranges from $18-$43, learn more at

Disclaimer: Pretty Connected was given a complimentary sample set of the collection by a company representative and was under no obligation to write this review.