Taking time with Celebrity Hair Stylists Cherry Petenbrink and Mika Fowler

What happens when two of Beverly Hills most renowned celebrity hairstylists hit the NYC scene? I get one killer makeover and the opportunity to talk hair with two of the industry tops: Cherry Petenbrink and Mika Fowler.

{After a day with Cherry Petenbrink and Mika Fowler, I could be a hair model}

 Cherry Petenbrink, is a former salon owner turned celebrity stylist and color specialist– we’ve all seen her work on the big screen as the color consultant for the Hunger Games! Cherry also conducts regular workshops and trainings in the industry and is a member of the Joico’s elite Color Competency Team and Guest Artist for the brand.

Having dark hair sans grays, I’m challenged with limited color options. Cherry encouraged my pursuit of an Ombre (which will continue to trend through the fall/winter season) and introduced me to “Flash effects”, which offers a lightened effect that brightens the hair internally for a warmer softer look. Both are modern, with some edge while still managing to be polished and great for any age.

{With Cherry Petenbrink — Can you see my “Flash Effect”?}

What I appreciate about both color options is how well they compliment each other and require zero maintenance — they can grow out naturally without having to be redone, making them a very budget friendly option. Cherry’s trick when performing an Ombre or Flash Effect is to not work on a horizontal line (which just weighs hair down). Instead, Cherry works at a vertical angle to create a linear effect that gives hair a longer and more airy movement.

She then performed her signature Balancing Act on me,  which is a gloss used to enhance existing color, or to balance and add dimension from the hair scalp to ends. This effect is created by Glossing (demi permanent damage free hair color option) the mid shafts and ends with a warmer more golden effect. This brings out existing hair color or for hair color virgins enhances their natural color.

{With Mika Fowler who dry-cut my hair to perfection}

Once my hair was flashed and balanced, I was introduced to Celebrity Stylist, Mika Fowler, who’s Olivia Munn’s hair stylist of choice. Mika blew me away with her infamous “dry-cut”, explaining that since I have curly hair as soon as it’s wet it’s going to start rising (even with brushing) making for an uneven cut and grow-out. She’s so right! Every time I switch stylists and go for a trim I’m told my hair is uneven. The solution is Mika and her dry-cut technique which she’s perfected using a flat iron and close precision to cut and check what felt like every strand of hair on my head.

 To learn more about Cherry Petenbrink visit styleseat.com/cherrypeterbrink and Mika Fowler visit mikabeverlyhills.com