The WIE Symposium presented by Sarah Brown, Donna Karen and Arianna Huffington

Donna Karen moderates the 'Mind Body & Spirit - Creating Calm in the Chaos' panel

This week marked the 2nd annual Women: Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) Symposium hosted by Sarah Brown, Donna Karen and Arianna Huffington garnering the theme of “what it means to be a woman now”. The two day conference featured a series of panels and discussions led by women leaders, activists, entrepreneurs and entertainers exploring how women can be more socially conscious, spiritually balanced and work to become more enterprising and inspiring leaders.

Sarah Brown autographing her book

Speakers and panelists included Nancy Pelosi, Dr. Jill Biden, Kelly Cutrone, Rebecca Minkoff, Jane Wurand, Katia Beauchamp. Cynthia Rowley, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Christy Turlington, Dany Levy, Fran Drescher, Nancy Brinker, Gayle King, Georgina Chapman, Sonia Kashuk, amongst many more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to clear my schedule to the extent I was hoping to be present for all the panels, I did however catch the Mind Body & Spirit – Creating Calm in the Chaos segment moderated by Donna Karen; who’s panel took us through a meditation exercise illustrating how just a few minutes of “getting grounded” can help bring balance to ourselves and those around us we influence.

A lot of the discussion really resonated with me, especially since I recently started my own consulting company, Pretty Social (cute name, huh?) and between keeping up with all of my clients, this blog, charity work and social life maintaining balance and order has become a struggle. One point they made circled around how everyone wants to do a lot of good but if they aren’t in the right mindset for it or in a stressed out mode, projecting that attitude even with the best intentions can do more harm then good. I’ve been thinking a lot about that and how much I want to say yes to everyone (and do) since I often feel like I am in a position to help and make a difference but at some point I need to cap it off because all the small favors add up, especially in addition to everything else on my plate and it’s beginning to take it’s tole. And becoming burnt out when so many exciting things are happening around me is unacceptable.

So thank you Donna Karen and all the amazing women (and Ted Turner) for all your inspiring words, support and difference you will make with this conference. And for those of you not in attendance, mark your calendars for next year!