Renowned Beaute Oblige Comes to NYC

Madame Camille Obadia needs very little introduction to the Parisian market, known for her anti-aging treatments, her clinic, Beaute Oblige has attracted Europeans and clients abroad  for over a decade. An expert in her field, she’s also been a go-to for every major European publication for skincare and anti-aging commentary.

With a strong push from her American clientele to open a salon in the US and the demand for a non-surgical approach to dramatically improve your looks and turn back the clock she recently opened a Beaute Oblige location on Madison Avenue. I visited the clinic and sat down with Madame Camille to learn more about her breakthrough equipment. Bringing the latest generation of technology, she has pioneered TriPollar radio frequency and utilizes an advanced method of electrotherapy to stimulate collagen production and tighten muscles for surgical-like results. Offering a variety of face and body services, was anxious to try this super-power machine!

Now I’m used to going to spas and being told I have some sun damage but overall being complimented on how great it is –and rightfully so, I take good care of it! Madame Camille took one look at my face and pointed to all the areas I’m losing collagen –my forehead, the left side of face (which was less plump then my right) and that I need to focus on my neck. Showing me with a mirror, she was absolutely right! We then started the treatment where she used this device (which didn’t touch my skin), and pointed it in different areas of my face to determine my collagen levels. From there she adjusted the radio frequency machine and used the applicator with light heat to stimulate my natural collagen back to the surface. She would then recheck my levels and continue working on the area until it was back on par. The head of the machine was shaped like a Clarisonic, with three medal prongs that would work gently rotate and massage my skin’s surface. The process was neither evasive or uncomfortable, but rather relaxing. She would additionally massage parts, especially my neck to help stimulate the elastin and collagen. At the end of the treatment my skin was transformed, it was noticeably lifted and looked like I got a collagen injection in my forehead.

To each their own, but injections and plastic surgery aren’t my thing. Not that I’m at an age where I need to go there, but the procedure, down time and recovery process, mixed with the risk of not knowing the end result (especially in the longterm), makes me nervous. Having a safe anti-aging option like Madame Camille’s which felt closer to a facial then a treatment, is an effective and considerably more natural and enjoyable alternative to attacking the aging process.

Madame Camille aslo collaborated with french dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons in 2005 to create a collection of skin care products which she will be introducing in the US soon.

Beaute Oblige is located at 635 Madison Avenue (between 59th and 60th Street). For more information visit

Disclaimer: A complimentary treatment was given to Pretty Connected by a company representative. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review. See my About/Disclosure tab for more information.