Andy Warhol Hanging out in Union Square

Have you seen Andy Warhol in Union Square? Sporting an iconic Bloomingdale’s ‘medium brown bag’, he’s hanging out on 17th Street on the Northwest corner of Union Square (NYC).

I recently started a consulting gig in the area and spend my mornings walking by him. It’s fun seeing people see the statue for the first time and stop to admire him and take pictures. Regretfully, the chrome-plated sculpture, standing 10-foot tall, is not a permanent fixture –although I think it should be!!!! Funded by the Public Art Fund, it will be on display through October 2nd. I’m going to miss him when he’s gone.

Fun fact: Andy’s practically home! The Andy Monument stands within eye-shot of two of the buildings that formerly housed his famous Factory –33 Union Square West and 860 Broadway.

Go visit him!