Mom’s Beauty Favorites

Family picture

Being an incredibly stubborn child the saying, ‘Mom knows best’ was something I would rarely admit to (even when she was right), with the exception of when it came to beauty products. She used brown liners on her lips back when the only options were eye pencils, traveled to the middle-eastern markets for those black eye pencils before Carrie made us want to try them in Sex and the City 2, and she has a keen ability to feel a formula and within seconds tell if it’s worth trying. Frankly, when it comes to my love for this industry, she’s where I get it from. So in honor of Mother’s Day (sure I’m a little late –but then again I’m writing from Mexico where Mother’s Day isn’t until tomorrow, so you can cut me some slack), here are Mom’s favorites and why!

  • Dr Hauschka Creme de Jour (daily moisturizing lotion) and Rose Day Cream – “I’ve been using these products for years and no matter what new products I try I always go back. It quickly absorbs into my skin and leaves it hydrated all day. The smell is clean and Divine. It’s been my absolute favorite for a long, long time.”
  • Living Proof Full Shampoo and Full Conditioner – “I have very thin hair so this combo helps give me a little lift without stripping my hair and makes a great base for my styling products. Plus it has a great lather and distributes nicely. I recommend it for  curly hair too! My daughter used it in a recent visit and it tightened up her curls and gave them great lift and volume without any frizz”
  • Hashmi Kajal Black Khol Eye Pencil – “Yes, the kind you buy in the Indian or middle eastern markets.  As much as I buy other name brands, I always go back to this one. It’s great for high pigment on the inside of your eyelids along your lashes.”
  • MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in shade Cork – “I use this shade of brown because it has some yellow in it just like my eyes.  This brings out the yellow.”
  • Maybelline FIT ME Foundation in 220 –  “It use to be Shiesado (before it became consistency became too thick), Armani before the texture changed, and now it’s Mabelline – not too thin, not too thick, just the right coverage without looking obvious.”
  • Mason Pierce Brush – “It’s a classic because it’s simply the best”.
  • Cosmedix Define Resurfacing Treatment and Defy Exfoliating Treatment – “the strength of this range is evident within first contact and effective when used correctly — the key is knowing how much to use and to when to apply it, since a little goes a long way. Within a week of use my skin felt firmer, more supple and made a clear difference with fine lines.”
  • Nivea Beauty Oil – “It looks like oil but it’s a body wash that lathers and goes on so smooth. Unfortunately, it can only be bought in Europe so I have to have friends bring it in for me.”
  • Olivina Foaming Body Scrub in Classic Olive– “It invigorates my skin! It goes on smooth, but not greasy, and just feels great!”
  • Kiehl’s Powerful- Strength Line Reducing Concentrate and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – “From the first time I tried the concentrate my skin was glowing and it hasn’t stopped with use since. It evens out my skin and is especially nice under my moisturizer and make up. As for the eye cream, for being a thicker formula, it manages to not be overly heavy, sticky, or uncomfortably stiff. It’s cooling, hydrating and quickly absorbs especially for the summer.”

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!