Reporting From Boston: Louis Vuitton Je t’aime

Spotted: Amazing Louis Vuitton bag

I was invited to Boston for a few days, so I seized the opportunity to work-from-awesome-hotel (The Collanade!) and clear my head. NY, I love you but we need a few days apart.  My hotel’s location is so absolutely perfect, that I’ve been pretending that I live here. (Did I mention I’m originally from the Boston area and my parents live all of 15minute away?). I know, super lame.

I woke up early this morning walked across the street to Copley Place, grabbed a tea and did a little window shopping. I had to go before the shops opened out of fear-or-bank-account-withdrawal.

The highlight was this amazing Louis Vuitton bag. Le drool. I can’t find it on their website so I can’t offer any additional details — I even searched under “Best bag ever!”.  LV, what gives?