True Body Soap Bars

I learned about True Body Soap on a recent trip to Boston for the Natural Products Expo East convention. Being a beauty blogger, I’m often taken in by a product’s scent, color and packaging, however it was quite the opposite with True Body.  It’s their simplicity and ethos that really caught my attention.

True Body Soap is an all-natural, everyday soap bar that is unscented and made of five ingredients –Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Vegetable Glycerine and Sodium Citrate –that’s it!  Committed to producing environmentally sustainable products, True Body Soap contain no animal by-products, synthetic ingredients or chemical preservatives making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin looking to get squeaky clean. They also package their soaps in 100% recycled materials.

I’ll admit, I can’t remember the last time I used a soap bar. It was actually quite enjoyable and simple –no loofah, no scoop, no pumping a product into my hands and watching it be diluted by water. Instead, I use the bar and rubbed it in small circular motions to build up a thick lather, then rinse clean.  It did the job without drying out my skin.  Since I had a 3-pack of the soap bar I also decided to have a guy friend test it out and another with sensitive skin.  Both of which had similar, positive reviews to report back. The gentleman especially appreciated the ease and non-scent of the bar, since he’s always on the lookout for no nonsense, easy grooming products.

Price: $5.39 for a 3-pack of True Body Unscented Bar Soaps (4.5 oz each). For more information on True Body visit

Disclaimer: A complimentary sample of the True Body Soap Bars were given to Pretty Connected by a company representative.  Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.