BluePrintCleanse – 3 Days to a Healthier You

BluePrintCleanse is a nutritional juice-based cleanse that offers a variety of programs depending on the system best fit for your lifestyle. The classic cleanse (although they do offer other products and services), has 3 levels: Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation. All of which consist of six 16 oz raw fruit and vegetable juices daily.

Having done the cleanse (3 days at a time) every 3-6 months for the past two years, I find itcompletely effective if you’re bloated and want to lose a few pounds or looking to get rid of any puffiness in the short-term; or as a stepping stone for a lifestyle change to alter my cravings to healthier choices in the long-term.

And while I do try to stay away from desserts, once I start eating them (generally when I’m traveling or around the holidays), my body craves sugars and suddenly I’ll find myself making late night runs to get peanut butter Twix. I don’t even really like Twix! I find BPC incredibly beneficial for making those urges and cravings go away and to help get me on track into a healthier lifestyle.  While it’s not easy, it is 3 only days, which is encouraging.

My only advice is don’t cheat! They do include a cheat sheet of approved foods if you must stray; however for me that’s a one-way street to fail. Once I start making concessions, I suddenly feel I can make more. Instead,  just bitch and moan the whole time and make everyone else around you miserable.

Which brings me to my next point, don’t bitch and moan and make everyone around you miserable. When I cleansed, I would  inevitably meet someone at an event who would comment their coworker did the cleanse and it turned them into a monster (others would rave about it). For all of you who turn ugly during cleanses and diets it’s probably because you didn’t prepare enough. BluePrintCleanse is designed to give you enough nutrients and calories to get you through each day, so you’re not hungry. However, if you didn’t prepare for the cleanse then you’re shocking your body by going from a heavy dinners and chemicals to all natural juices. The cleanse may be 3 days but the more time you spend getting ready, the easier it will be on you mentally and physically. BPC recommends phasing out coffee (replace it with green tea if you need the caffeine), sugar, meat and dairy in the days leading up to your cleanse. The sooner you cut those out of your diet and add fruits and veggies instead, the better you will feel and the easier it will be.

Having referred many to the cleanse, I’m often asked about the bathroom situation and if this is a cleanse that should be done at home. The answer is no. In fact I appreciate that it’s not one of the side-effects and I never experienced any stomach cramps or bodily issues that requires running to the bathroom. Plus doing it in an office setting was beneficial for me since my mind was distracted off of food and I could fully take advantage of the water cooler (drinking lots of tea and water and tea is recommended in between juices).

The first day is always the toughest. I quickly miss the sensation of chewing and find not being allowed to eat after 7pm incredibly challenging; even though I’m not hungry –I just really miss the comfort of eating.  If ever a day to be good to yourself it’s day 1, which is why I generally take the advice of BPC and get a massage so I have something to look forward to. Plus massages help release the toxins in your body, and feel so damn good.

As the day goes on I generally get very energized, which is great for productivity, however irritating at night since I prefer to sleep early and be one day closer to being able to eat solid foods again. I also develop canine smell for everything, mainly food, which when I’m not distracted by something am busy fantasizing about.

The second day is significantly easier. You wake up feeling so much lighter that there’s suddenly that confidence that you’re going to make it. By day 3 you feel like you could do it forever. Plus your skin is glowing and you get compliments on how great you look.

Then you’re done and you cut out the junk food, crave the healthy stuff, jump on the scale and live happily ever after.  Okay maybe not, but if you jump back to eating fast food and sugars it will erase all your hard work.  And at $60/day for the juices, you should try to take it as seriously as possible to make it worth every cent.

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Disclaimer: A complimentary BPC cleanse was given to me in a gift bag, as well as a press discount for another cleansing experience. I have also purchased several BPC cleanses independently. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.