The Anti-Hitch

Somewhere in Iowa, someone’s getting a good laugh. That someone is probably Will Smith’s alter ego in Hitch, Brad, Founder of iDUMP4U, a website where he does just that, breaks up with people (over the phone) on your behalf.

In the age of text, twitter, Facebook, email, instant messenger, is this really necessary? Apparently for some cowards out there, yes!  Maybe coward is the wrong word; perhaps customers of this service are just too busy to be bothered.  Breakups can be a real time commitment.  Plus iDUMP4U averages a 24-hour turn around time (pending the availability of the dumpee to pick up their phone).  Either that or someone can’t afford to leave a paper trail.

iDUMP4U charges $10/breakup ($25 if you’re engaged, $50 if you’re married).  I can think of a few inconvenient breakups where $10 would have seemed like a bargain to just be done.  However, I would like to think this is a last resort after you’ve already tried to do it yourself and given it a real attempt. As for all the engaged/married parties, that’s just heartless.

I have only one request of Brad (non-breakup related), if ever make real money off this site, do it right, and design a much cooler looking website. The design is terrible.

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