Whish it Away

What do the heroines of the hit series “24” and I have in common?  When it comes to shaving products, Whish products are at the top of our list.  In a recent letter to Whish, the ladies from the cast wrote, “We love the fact that Whish has taken extra special measures to develop these heavenly scented paraben-free, sulfate-free, and petrochemical-free, all-natural and organic-based shave creams that leave our legs feeling so soft and silky.”

My latest Whish obsession is their Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum (although I think it needs a new name since it’s so much more then just an ‘ingrown hair serum’).  It helps calm inflammation from areas prone to bumps and irritation thanks to it’s key ingredients, wheat germ (to restore and soothe skin), yeast extract (for it’s regenerative properties), and willow bark extract (which fights against inflammation).

Use after shaving, waxing, or laser, Whish Flawless is a clear serum with a smooth application, and absorbs right into the skin, leaving no residue or marks on clothing.

I first used a sample of this product while traveling to the Dominican Republic last year.  I fell victim to a cheap disposable razor and then jumped into the ocean—Oh the burn!  Whish Flawless Serum instantly soothed my skin and took the pain away.  As for the irritation, gone within a few days, and completely smooth (with daily use).

I didn’t make that mistake again. For my recent trip to Hawaii, Flawless was on my packing list.  No bumps, no irritations, just smooth clean shaves throughout my vacation.

This product is also great for men!  Having earned a permanent place in my medicine cabinet, my roommate discovered it and has been using it on his neck where he’s prone to razor bumps.  After noticing a significant change, Flawless has now become part of his usual shaving routine.

Price: $22.5o (1.1oz./35mL). For more information visit www.whishbody.com.

Affiliation: This product was given to me by a company representative.  I was under no obligation to write this review.