An Adult in a Candy Shop

If you’re an out-of-towner, visiting New York with the kids, or just a candy connoisseur, Dylan’s Candy Bar is a destination not to be missed.

Lara in Candy Land
I may not make the most attractive gummy bear (and evidentially I should have brought a few dates) but at a recent Dylan’s Candy Bar event, I was a happy one. Surrounded by all kinds of tasty treats, there was no way I could walk out empty handed.

In fact, I picked up a Big Hunk (candy bar that is).

One of the largest candy stores in the world, this place will not only appease your sweet tooth, but also bring back the magic I feel is lost in many modern day candy stores.

This candy emporium is 15,000 square feet with over 5,000 candies, a candy café, fashion line, and spa products (see my review HERE).

Can’t make it to the shop?  Experience the magic on